The Frankenstein Trestle

The Frankenstein Trestle

"Showing a train crossing the iron structure that spans one of the deepest gorges in the White Mountains."

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  • Release:1899
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"Showing a train crossing the iron structure that spans one of the deepest gorges in the White Mountains." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Frankenstein Trestle torrent reviews

Chris A (de) wrote: How in the hell is this one of Duke's most beloved films? It has some good bits, and is passable for the most part. The climax between Duke and Bruce Dern is great. However, the final half-hour or so of the film is just ludicrous. Everything about it. Why don't we just take the characters that you're meant to care about, and let them stoop to an even lower ethical level than the villains? It's preposterous, and overshadows anything good from earlier in the film. This is an average coming-of-age film, that is topped off with a half-hour of pointless violence just because. Rydell's direction is pretty dull, and John Williams' score is a little too cute for what the film eventually becomes. Worth seeing once for Duke's performance and the climax.

Adeola S (de) wrote: yeah it a movie to watch....

Mikhail B (kr) wrote: A light comedy on growing pains of marriage with lots of love triangles.

Aleksi A (mx) wrote: A sad and thought provoking story with great cinematography and excellent acting by Jan van Sickle.

Troy K (it) wrote: 3.5/5 Really funny and better than average, but something was just it anyway!

Bront Y (es) wrote: This movie wasn't particularly GOOD, per se, but I really enjoyed it. It made me like Alec Baldwin (whom I used to not really care for). And I've always been a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan.

Samuel M (ag) wrote: Aside from Buckethead and some well-proportioned bosoms, this movie had exactly no redeeming qualities.

Leena L (mx) wrote: Hah. A film can not be bad with Mads Mikkelsen and Nicolas Bro :) freaky movie but... the secret was in the marinade.....

Harry P (ag) wrote: I can't understand why I love this film. Whenever it's playing, I must watch it from beginning to end.

Pete B (jp) wrote: This is film makeing!!! The best most insightful film about insanity ever!!! The story is about warren beatty a young man just home from the Vietnam war and attemping a future in treating mental illness. He begins his job in his home town in an upper clase institution where he meets the lovely but scitsophrenic Lilith played by Jean Seberg. The film follows his attemps to treat this alluring women with compassion which begins to blur the lines of sanity. The film thou filmed in the 60s is BW which just adds to the artistry. Many scenes serve double purposes on to tell the story the other to express feelings or deeper elements unsoken of in the film. For the average film goer this may be too artsy but I loved its beauty and sickness both.

Juuso L (nl) wrote: Classic story with not too interesting cast and not too interesting handling.

Anne F (mx) wrote: Dietrich plays an alluring woman who plays with the hearts of the many men who fall under her spell.

Dedmeet C (es) wrote: A really good movie, anyway you see it, and one of Gibsons absolutely best performances. Great cast, great performances, awesome script, well produced and directed... This movie is original, filled with original characters and packs plenty of action, suspence and even some comedy.

Shawn S (kr) wrote: The story is heartwarming, thrilling, and funny, the cast is wonderful, John Powell's score is grand, and the animation and cinematography are spectacular.

Facebook U (es) wrote: The critics are a bit harsh. I found this film very absorbing and could not stop it for the whole two hours. Not a dull moment. Excellent acting. The light seemed well put on Wikileaks and reveals the issues and tensions between the ideas and the people. The film ends with Wikileaks being squarely betrayed by Daniel Berg and the french guy in charge of the servers. Wikileaks was very important to reveal how much of assholes the powerful people really are. From the soldier to the chief in command and all in between. Assholes doing crimes all the time and only a few aware and able to leak i.e. inform the world. National security is always in danger when the people in charge keep jeopardizing it while pretending they provide security. If they were providing security without relying so much on power and violence, there would probably be much less dangers to security around the world. I am not just talking about the governments, but all forms of power. It seems there was unfortunately a grave lack of information about what happened with ISIS, leading to such misery over there. It feels a lot like the situation was allowed to rot to the point where the military was given carte blanche to extirpate ISIS. I think the military victory is not a convincing argument in itself. It's simply the most powerful one(s) making the rules.

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: A film in which a group of Norsemen prove their famed ocean-going navigational skills by setting off for The Holy Land and ending up in the Americas. Not only are this group of Vikings incompetent, they are also dull to the point that I only realised that one of them was actually two different people when he happened to stab the other. This film is mind-numbingly awful, turgid in fact. I really didn't care about any of the characters, least of all "One Eye" the supposed central figure, who utters not a single word during the whole movie. His thoughts being given voice by by his companion, a young boy, whom I could willingly have thrown off one of the numerous brooding cliffs into a fjord moments after meeting him. There's an horrific amout of violence, bloody and gory in parts, scattered throughout this sorry tale which gives the impression that life in medieval Scandinavia was little short of dreadful all of the time. I found the central plot point of the mission to fight in the crusades, lead by a man who was clearly deranged to be completely unconvincing and I was very relieved when the end credits finally rolled by after what seemed like an eternity spent in the company of some very unpleasant people.

Tiffany B (kr) wrote: Maggie Smith is an incredible actress, and this movie highlights her talent beautifully. She truly became her character, as she does in all her rolls.