The Freshman

The Freshman

Clark Kellogg is a young man starting his first year at film school in New York City. After a small time crook steals all his belongings, Clark meets Carmine "Jimmy the Toucan" Sabatini, an "importer" bearing a startling resemblance to a certain cinematic godfather. When Sabatini makes Clark an offer he can't refuse, he finds himself caught up in a caper involving endangered species and fine dining.

Clark Kellogg is a young man starting his first year at film school in New York City. After a small time crook steals all his belongings, Clark meets Carmine "Jimmy the Toucan" Sabatini, an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tino P (jp) wrote: One long dance video.

Jim B (fr) wrote: I'd have to watch it again but I was confused half the time.

Jan Marc M (fr) wrote: Irina Palm is a perverse tale of the odd sacrifice of a desperate grandmother for her terminally-ill grandson. Grace amid shame. Genuinely sentimental. Well-delivered.

Harry W (jp) wrote: A wonderfully dark and playful horror flick, May lives in the same weird vein as American Mary and Ginger Snaps, two other woman-lead wonders of the horror genre that focus primarily on femininity and exposing a certain mythos that connects vanity, self-love and loathing, sex, death and gore. Certainly smarter and more self-aware than it would like to admit, May is worth a watch or two. It isn't necessarily scary, but it leaves a mark.

Carole S (mx) wrote: Mmmm, I didn't like the beginning at all. I was completely confused. I was confused until about half-way through the movie. Afterwards, I realized the movie-makers did it purposely, because he kept changing his story. One moment his dad was Scottish, then Indian, and so on and so on. I did love how Archie changed from being a trapper, to an animal lover because of Pony. The dialog wasn't the best and the storyline moved very fast at the beginning, within 10 mins, Archie and Pony were already in the wilderness. However, it was a pretty good movie. I loved the story, but there were some things that needed mending and fixing.Overall, this movie is based off a real man and I loved how Nathaniel Arcand was in this :). There was some negative and positive points, but I do recommend people who love nature and love any story about Natives (like moi) should watch this film sometime in the future. I grant this movie 3 ***s. ^.^

Augustine H (de) wrote: No one is born to be bad. What can you expect when Val Kilmer knows nothing but abusing his family?

Daniel K (ca) wrote: 1.5: Disappointing. I enjoyed Toback's When Will I Be Loved from a few years ago much more than this. Nice apartment, but the camerawork ends up just being distracting. It would move around, zoom in and out, and become unfocused for no apparent reason. Sloppy filmmaking. It's a decently staged and constructed chamber drama, but I wouldn't call it particularly engaging. Downey Jr has some pretty ridiculous moments in the picture that don't quite work for me. Some dialogue seems genuine, while other sections seem staged. In general the three performances are decent, but none jumped off the screen for me. It does seem absolutely ridiculous that this got an NC-17 rating.

Jackson D (nl) wrote: Heavy Traffic has a sense of confidence you don't see often. Wacky characters, surreal environments, and a unique blend of animation and live action shots. This movie almost feels real in just how exaggerated it is.

AlAnthony B (au) wrote: movie is fool and stupid as f**K, bad quality fire, stupid explosions and stupid deaths annimation!!!! waste my damn time

Lucas G (es) wrote: As most of remakes these days, it feels really unncessary, even with its cast including talents like Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Russ B (es) wrote: 6/19/2016: Meh. Nothing really that great about this film. Very forgettable.

Greg W (kr) wrote: ok vulgar sex farce also lost pic orrey-kelly designed costumes for

Bryn D (nl) wrote: O.V.R 7/1O Creepy but Entertaining

James L (nl) wrote: Struggled to get into it, characterisation not strong enough and lacked genuine feeling.