The Frozen Dead

The Frozen Dead

A crazed scientist keeps the heads of Nazi war criminals alive until he can find appropriate bodies on which to attach them so he can revive the Third Reich.

A crazed scientist keeps the heads of Nazi war criminals alive until he can find appropriate bodies on which to attach them so he can revive the Third Reich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sayak G (nl) wrote: I never felt so happy being so sad!

Katherine O (br) wrote: I almost turned it off in the first 20 minutes or so? It was annoying how amateurish it looked to begin with, but then somehow it seemed to turn into a completely different film. I put this down to the bad acting from ?Hayden? and the continuity errors in the shaving scene (I always notice things like this, and they bug the hell out of me) I really enjoyed the gore. The visual effects were done excellently! The story itself was a great one? but I don?t think it was as well executed as it should have been. I?m not quite sure what it was, but it was definitely something that left me feeling a bit like? ?oh??which is odd, because I loved the concept and everything. The ?Mr Skinny? scenes were fantastic! I just wanted to see more and more of him. Overall I?d say it was worth the watch, and a good one for all things disgusting :D

Ty P (jp) wrote: Guy Ritchie's best by far!

David S (ca) wrote: David Lynch was clearly a big influence on this, and the sound and visuals are sometimes effective. The big problem is that the actors aren't magnetic enough to overcome or amplify the DIY aesthetic.

Andres A (de) wrote: funny musical...too weird.

Barry W (ag) wrote: I liked the movie for what it was...A typical teenage drama with "Cruel Intentions" like, disturbed female teens...Good movie to rent for a little guilty pleasure entertainment.James Woods was excellent as the creepy father...Female lead, Evan Rachel Wood was very good too...Livingston and Krakowski are always good and they both did fine jobs.I grade the movie a B...Pretty good..BW

Yash B (kr) wrote: One of my Jack Black favorites. It is a lot of fun and a unique movie. I enjoyed the music in it and the story is great. It is funny and unique. If you're a fan of Jack Black, it isn't one to miss. An excellent movie that is great for a wide variety of audiences.

Private U (jp) wrote: Top movie. Very true to history.

Matthew H (us) wrote: Nice animated movie going in different direction

angela c (nl) wrote: I love it, but can't stand what the movie's about, it is upsetting.

Daniel M (it) wrote: It's like if "Office Space" had been written by Susan Faludi. I don't mean that in a good way.

Griff R (it) wrote: raw & very funny. seeing the worlds most successful female recording artist at one of her many peaks of fame. the concert footage is simply stunning

Deb S (us) wrote: This is an 80's sex comedy about two young horny dudes (Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp) who are on the prowl and trying to make the most out of a weekend in a luxurious Private Resort Hotel. A bit of light-hearted fun that is fairly entertaining, this movie is filled with cheap laughs, slapstick and crude humor but if you want to chuckle at the young Depp in one of his earliest films, and catch a glimpse of his naked backside, then it's worth a watch. There's also a subplot about a jewel thief with the world's ugliest haircut (Hector Elizondo) plotting to romance a scatter-brained dowager to obtain a valuable diamond, as well as an exasperated hotel manager determined to catch our heroes in the midst of inappropriate behavior.

Ryan D (jp) wrote: Great C&C movie where they both play multiple roles as themselves and arabs.

Marcus H (ag) wrote: It can be cheesy, and the acting isn't so wonderful all the time, but the characters sort of make logical decisions considering what unique and varied backgrounds they come from (Lost anyone?). The visuals and effects are a lot of awesome fun. It's a good ride, and the ending warrants an extra star.

Darwin K (gb) wrote: This movie is a great love story. don't miss out on a gem

Catherine Y (br) wrote: This movie dragged on so long I thought they'd never get to the third life of Thomasina. On the plus side, I've got the song stuck in my head and sing it to my cat all the time. She seems to think its HER song.

Salma S (us) wrote: I want a mill house, with a deer running out side :(

Kabilan P (jp) wrote: Not bad. One of my fav in the series. It still lacked something. I can't wait till the sequel is out.

Noname (it) wrote: A thriller/drama movie about a serial killer "Mr.Brooks" played by Kevin Costner. Demi Moore plays a detective/cop trying to get him caught. It is quite an entertaining movie i thought and well made. Its not so much violence or killings tho in this one. Worth seeing anyway.