The Fugitive Kind

The Fugitive Kind

Val Xavier, a drifter of obscure origins, arrives at a small town and gets a job in a store run by Lady Torrence. Her husband, Jabe M. Torrance, is dying of cancer. Val is pursued by Carol Cutere, the enigmatic local tramp-of-good-family.

Val Xavier, a drifter of obscure origins arrives at a small town and gets a job in a store run by Lady Torrence, a sex-starved woman whose husband Jabe M. Torrance is dying of cancer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (it) wrote: I love documentaries - and this one is pretty outstanding. Utilizing the legendary 'hot coffee' McDonald's trial, the film examines the claims of so-called abuse of the justice system in America. Eye-opening and powerful - yet another insight into how the corporate structure of this country is slowly eroding the rights of its people through so-called 'tort reform', binding arbitration, and manipulated perceptions presented by international companies via slick marketing campaigns. Do yourself a favor - if you ever thought the 'hot coffee' lawsuit was ridiculous (as I once did) - watch this film and discover just how much you've been had.

Eric D (de) wrote: Rear Window is one of my Favorite all time movies so I'm naturally intrigued by a remake. Prediction: 3.5

Brandon S (it) wrote: You could tell this movie was going to be bad the moment the vampire gives the sun the finger in the first few moments of the film.


Remi C (kr) wrote: big film up there with tha best 10/10

Emma H (fr) wrote: Amazing Civil War movie. One of the only ones that I liked that they showed in school.

CJ M (es) wrote: I love this movie. Its so creepy! I caught the end on tv when I was a teenager and had to find it on video. So good. totally plays on your paranoia. It's also an empowering chick flick at the same time.

Jake G (kr) wrote: Polish filmmaker Kryzstof Kieslowski's AMATOR (CAMERA BUFF) is a brilliant, ultra-personal film that far too few people have heard of. In Kieslowski's sure hands, AMATOR increases by the minute in complexity. At the film's beginning, Filip Mosz is a ordinary man who loves his wife, daughter, and nothing more. By the film's end, we sense the passion for film that has awoken in him, and its tragic implications for his loved ones. Kieslowski reaches a tragi-comic balance in this film, and it is one not to be missed- to be seen before you die. This is one of the strongest recommendations I've ever given a film: aspiring directors and film buffs- and anyone who loves movies- need to see AMATOR.

Ben L (br) wrote: The remarkable thing going on in Dog Day Afternoon is the fact that it transforms into so many different types of stories that I did not see coming from the beginning. In the early parts of the film, I thought it was going to be a simple story about a bank robbery gone wrong. In reality, that is exactly what we get for the first act. Then things start to transition and it becomes almost a satire of how the media spins a story like this, and how people can idolize a sympathetic criminal. What I never saw coming was the explanation of why Sonny is committing the crime. That twist was hidden from us for at least half of the film, and when it is revealed it amazed me. Dog Day Afternoon was so ahead of its time, and it doesn't approach the topic in an offensive or mean-spirited way. Of course this is just a subplot to the main story, and whenever it got back to the simple hostage crisis I wasn't nearly as impressed with the movie. The conclusion had the stakes set high, and built up a lot of tension. Unfortunately, I think they telegraphed the ending a little too much, so it didn't pay off with a finale that lived up to all that came before. However, I have to hand it to Dog Day Afternoon for being progressive, and Al Pacino for delivering a superb performance.

Ryan H (it) wrote: It'll make you want Godzilla to destroy your TV instead of NYC.

Greg W (ag) wrote: based on a true story

Chris H (ru) wrote: what a piece of shit.... baffling...