The Fugitives

The Fugitives

Coming out from jail, Lucas has decided to change his life and behave like a good citizen. But when he is taken hostage in a bank by a hare-brained robber, no cops can believe he is not ...

Coming out from jail, Lucas has decided to change his life and behave like a good citizen. But when he is taken hostage in a bank by a hare-brained robber, no cops can believe he is not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien A (br) wrote: La bande de Tout ce qui brille revient donc avec cette nouvelle comedie. Dommage, on avait plutot envie de passer un agreable moment, mais le spectateur reste completement a l'exterieur du film, qui est totalement excluant. Sans aucun interet.

Zahid C (it) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 23 Aug 2011.Amt: $ 6.99Time: 5.30 pmOver at: 8.10 pmWith: RunalSeats: Free SeatingTheatre: Empire Studio, Mississauga

Tony F (de) wrote: I learnt a very important lesson today. Next time a friend or myself decide on a film to watch at the french film festival, research is to be taken out on what it's actually about, accompanied by positive credible reviews. On the surface it has a very original idea, though it just complicates itself more and more all the way to the end to the point of frustration. The subject is just iffy, I'm still not sure what to make of it, and wander what a cancer sufferer, or survivor would think. My mum's had cancer twice and I know for a fact she wouldn't be impressed at all. But what really tipped me off the edge, and for me will be the biggest 'WTF' moment of 2011 would be the scene involving the protaganist's son. Everyone in the movie theatre agrees with me. Plus the ending was just moronic!

Paul S (mx) wrote: It had some strong moments and some weak moments. Some strong casting choices and one very bad casting decision.


Dave C (us) wrote: If you watch this you might actually mistake this for old 70's/80's hack 'n' slash horror. I don't know if that's what the director intended but that's what he achieved... and not in a good way. The acting is poor, the deaths crappy and the dismembered body parts just plain silly. As for story, it makes some slasher films look like the works of Shakespeare.

Paul H (kr) wrote: An excellent film with genuine and compelling characters. A story about life choices during adolescence. A wonderful film about gonnabees and wannabees. Set in a housing estate somwhere in London, this is a brilliant film because depsite the fact that the roles protrayed are complicated, the story line is not. Every young man, parent and best friend can relate to some, if not all of the characters. A film that can be watched over and over........ and you still learn something about human nature every time. enjoypaul h

Ben D (es) wrote: An adrenalin pumping, kinetic thriller, with a plot that twists more than a snake in a basket, this is a Gallic thriller of some considerable charm and energy. Great fun - and cue the inevitable Hollywood remake.

Christian C (ca) wrote: Absolutely charming romance. Brendan Fraser, for once, does not deliver an absurd performance. An Shiley MacLaine is wonderful.

Sarah F (de) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Jay S (nl) wrote: Ernie Kovacs (with a bald pate) and Jack Lemmon together again, this time with Doris Day.

Jared S (nl) wrote: Super sweet movie!!!

Paul B (kr) wrote: Fritz Lang, the director, is the real star in Clash By Night.

Bob W (jp) wrote: Hammer films were the second generation color redux of each Universal horror monster classic with their own unique spin.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: Lo mejor que hizo Stallone en los 90's fue Cliffhanger y Cop Land esta pelcula es una de las peores.