The Funhouse Massacre

The Funhouse Massacre

Six of the worlds scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

A sheriff, a clueless deputy and a group of college students spring into action when six of the world's scariest psychopaths escaping from a local Asylum terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin B (mx) wrote: I'm afraid by writing a review I may come off as ignorant, I don't get this movie. Is it supposed to be a comedy? It was on Showtime, and judging by the cast, I figured a mob movie with these actors, how could I go wrong. I went wrong. Don't waste your time with this one. The cast must have had some bills to pay in 1996 and figured this would be an easy paycheck that no one would see. I did the math, and I figure it cost me 12 cents for each movie I watch on showtime.... I want my money back.

Wilhelm H (ca) wrote: I am a devoted "Battlestar Galactica" Fan and so I was looking forward for "The Plan". I knew that the Movie uses well known material and just fills in the gaps, from a cylon perspective. But I did not expect the outcome being so "patchwork" and boring. This was clearly for fans only, as people who havent seen the series would be lost in any case. In my opinion a movie still has to be able to stand alone, but here even as a fan I got annoyed by the talking and dialog that felt so forced and wannabe. It clearly missed the spirit of the TV show and left one asking: was that necessary? Sure, it enriched some minor story lines, but it failed to create atmosphere and drama. Edward James Olmos could have done better...

Benjamin P (br) wrote: Ca manque parfois de justesse au niveau du jeu...

Josh E (ag) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen. Horrible way to spend two hours. This was so depressing, there wasn't one up or highlight of the movie until the last 2 minutes. It's just awful. Whoever gave this movie higher than a 1 needs to stop rating movies forever.

Lubomr K (it) wrote: Fajos? ?? Nie, chujos! :D great movie with typical polish evergreen: kurwa! ja pierdole! :D

Samuel H (gb) wrote: I thought that this movie was very funny.

Josh O (es) wrote: This is a really smart funny movie and I never really paid it any attention. My only gripe is it never gets too heavy, probably because the audience for it is stoners and they don't want to freak anyone out. Also the character Mary Jane is underdeveloped but I can kind of forgive it because she's the straight character. Really good despite it's low rating.

Augustine H (br) wrote: The depiction of Farinelli's sexuality and complicated thoughts towards his brother serves to be a vivid reflection of his dissatisfaction despite a successful career. However, the dramatized events have further deprived the audience of attention towards the excellent artificial castrato performance.

Eshaan L (us) wrote: This is a must watch horror comedy !!

Nelson R (us) wrote: J'avais trouv que c'tait un bon film d'action lorsque j'avais 12 ans. Presque 20 ans plus tard, j'ai encore la mme opinion.

Bheema D (kr) wrote: If I made a movie about me dating a 12 year old with disproportionately large breasts in Chicago talking to my friends about the history of film where only character development occurs and minimal story, I want to believe that everybody would trash it like they damn well should. But Woody Allen is able to coast off of the critics who vicariously live through his role as a guy who dates a 17 year old with disproportionately big eyebrows and has absurd sexual success in a major cultural center, and a few legitimately hearty laughs. It's a good movie, but if you're one of the die-hards, please enlighten me.

Jonathan T (fr) wrote: Painfully embarassing fiasco with poor Dana Andrews' Leave It To Beaver style family chased around for two hours by out-of-control teenage hot-rodding hoodlums hellbent on kicks! You've got to love it. Jeanne Crain's performance is so overwrought and wildly melodramatic you'd think she was a junior high student trying out for Greek tragedy, meanwhile inbetween her fits of hysteria she has some great preaching moments like when she shrieks at her teen-age daughter, "Is THAT what you want, to end up in some MOTEL ROOM with *ANY* MAN???!!!"

Jack G (mx) wrote: There are times when Godzilla vs the Sea Monster looks to be one of the more compelling and entertaining 'Zilla' movies from the 60's, this despite the fact that the big green guy doesn't show up until 55 minutes(!) into the proceedings. I think what I responded to most positively were two things, and one of these could have been something of a negative but it isn't: first is that it isn't about monsters fighting over a city, and it doesn't involve those aliens or other beings that popped up in the few entries before this one (i.e. Monster Zero), and would show up later again in things like Mecha-Godzilla.But the other thing, and this may be an aspect viewers won't fully appreciate amid the "B-movie" adventureness of it, is that Godzilla vs the Sea Monster is the first one in the series since, well, could it be the first one(?) that deals with the issue of nuclear energy. The enemies of the film are scientists from some rogue organization - are they affiliated with the government, or more of a Dr. Evil rogue thing, I'm still not sure, the story is only clear enough to get the main beats across that they're using an island to test out their ready-made disastrous weapons - and they make for good foils for our heroes, who make up stowaways and a thief and one guy on the look out for his brother, who is actually on Infant Island.Does it necessarily mean that director Jun Fukada and writer Senichi Sekizawa are out to make some profound *statement* about nuclear weapons and such? Maybe not. But I liked that finally we get the return of actual human beings - and sure, one of them has an eye-patch so that, you know, we know he's EVIL - and though they may be easily swayed away when, for example, trying to shine a spotlight at night on our main characters sneaking up to the nuclear weapon lab and they don't see anything despite the fairly bright lights Toho gives to even their night sets, they make for decent villains. The best? Also maybe not. But it is more about their story, how they're using and abusing the natives on the island as slaves, and that they don't know a literal sleeping giant is in their midst under some rocks.I forget how exactly Godzilla wound up there after the last entry, but no matter: using lighting (what is he, Frankenstein's monster? Actually, this was meant to be a Toho-produced Frankenstein movie, or a King Kong one, either makes sense), Godzilla is resurrected, and fights Ebirah, a giant crab monster. In a way the crab monster isn't even the real threat of the movie, despite that it attacks some people on a boat and fights Godzilla a couple of times. It's more about Godzilla being awoken to make trouble for the nuclear-testing villains, and they become his main targets. There's also a sub plot, kinda, sorta, where the natives on Infant Island keep doing their wondrous chants to Mothra, and it's only in the last ten minutes (barely) that she wakes up to join the fight... against Godzilla this time (?)I didn't like how they introduced Mothra here and spent so much time on the natives doing their prayer rituals. It was a lot of fun in the past, but here it seemed to be here more-so to take up some screen time. Of course it's always fun to see them at work, but by the time Mothra actually gets into action it's too little/too late sort of thing. And while Godzilla does get some fun screen time when he shows up, that also comes a little late into the movie which otherwise features this 'Sea Monster' of the title that is little more than a very slightly upgraded version of what Roger Corman cooked up in the 1957 quickie ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS. It's enjoyable to look at Ebirah. For a minute. And then he/she/it wears out its welcome.But there are things to recommend this movie for, even as it's not the strongest of the 60's movies. I liked the actors playing the stowaways on the boat with the thief who end up becoming the heroes of their own story, they had believable deliveries and made the characters interesting enough (far as a Toho Godzilla movie of the period allows), and I especially loved the music that plays during some of the fights - in particular, during one of those "oh, they're doing THIS again?" moments when planes come around to fire at Godzilla, surf-Rockabilly grooves come up and it makes it... well, is *good* the word I'm looking for? Actually, yes, it's better than good, it makes for some iconic moments as far as a movie that is squarely in its time in 1966 and the surf music makes it unique.If only the rest of the movie was that way. But problems and all, Fukuda made a mostly entertaining entry, with some changes (on an island, so the lack of usual stakes made it something else as an adventure-action spectacle), just with some issues that were hard to overlook.

John R (jp) wrote: 160630: For such a dated film, a good film. Has the feel of a documentary with narration and real footage inserted but a totally satisfying look at the most decorated man in the US military. Really enjoyed Murphy's acting and character exploits. Some decent action remembering this film was made in 1955. Made me research Murphy's life, a life well worth examinging.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: "I'll take this blooming nigger off your hands for you, your highness. Here, here's five silver dollars for him, lock, stock and barrel."-Smithers (Dudley Digges) If that sounds racist to you, it's because it is. If you were to take a shot every time the 'N' word was muttered, you'd finish off a handle of liquor easy. But hey, I guess the film is an important installment of American culture. I also found it to be slightly boring myself.

King B (kr) wrote: good film with a vintage feel and a tragic ending.

Brian B (mx) wrote: Really good movie, makes you really think about modern day bullying and rumors. I recommend this for any teen and family to watch

Philip Z (it) wrote: I think that the critics are wrong about this one. This is a fine drama featuring the always compelling Samuel L. Jackson.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: 78% "That dog is sick!"-Roland Grale (Jameson Parker) The film is dated but the subject matter is not, it's still alive today and forever will be. While wacthing this movie the idea of nazis kept creeping through my mind (German sheperd, a gas chamber, blacks savagely killed, training compound).