The Fury

The Fury


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Fury 1997 full movies, The Fury torrents movie

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The Fury torrent reviews

Dana A (ag) wrote: A heartwrenching cautionary raw tale, full of suspense and grit. This was an amazing debut from Paul Andrew Williams. Well acted, great tone, perfect pace and extremely well edited. Getting the full story slowly fed to you as the thrilling suspense climbs and climbs to the explosive unpredictable end. You feel sorrow for both the victims yet you can't keep yourself from blaming everyone involved. Just why did the child have to run away, why didn't the woman refuse to find the girl, how come no one stopped what was going on? And how strong a father/so relationship is when one is pure evil. The performances are some of the most committed and strongest I have seen in an independent, unknown first debut in many years. Everyone does wonders with there well fleshed-out characters, but the one to mention is Georgia Groome. She inhabits the role with such complexity and experience, its shocking to see the attitude and range coming from someone so unknown...and when the emotion is raised, its heart-wrenching to see her the way she is. London to Brighton is certainly worth the watch and I urge you to seek it out. An outstanding debut that is amazingly realistic and gritty in its dark themes and is all the more satisfying when you know that the characters are the main focus and they are given the right treatment with some astonishing performances.

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, November 10, 2011 (2002) So Close (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION Updated current female martial arts version of John Woo's "The Killer" centering on hired female assassins to execute unethical greedy businessman by use of technology, only to be double crossed on it's final hit. The very thinned plot serves as a backdrop to many innovative action sequences both done by "wires" and without. The person who choreographed the action was also credited as director, by the name of Corey Yuen Kwai whose action film credits is extensively long, best known for working alongside or colloraborate with Hong Kong action star Jet Lee, who did the first two "Fong Sai Yuk" films, "My Father Is A Hero" and "The Bodygaurd From Beijing"! Not a fan of "wire-fu" but a fan of other sequences which is one new thing happening after the next! Some or alot of it's action battles may be improbable but possible to be shown on films. 3.5 out of 4

khalvic b (jp) wrote: this movie is real lame the only parts ilike in this movie the scenes with the late great Bernie Mac in them

Ken S (gb) wrote: Fairly funny faux-doc about a fake movie. Also contains an insane amount of cameos.

Raquel C (mx) wrote: sobre transtorno bipolar e coisas afins...quero ver!

Kpv B (fr) wrote: Way ahead for its time, this brilliantly acted romantic drama about a troubled couple goes way beyond its non linear narrative structure. As much as the jump cuts and back and forth narrative structure is used to perfection, the emotional content is as real at its gets. This little known gem is a definitive watch for any movie buff out there and deserves much more accolade.

Sebastian O (br) wrote: An incredible piece of cinema, Ikiru is deeply moving, and it sheds some light on government inefficiency, especially in the final act of the film.

Natalie O (jp) wrote: Watched it often as a child and finally watched it again. It didn't disappoint. The witty screenplay and excellent acting skills makes it a film to last forever

Marc R (ca) wrote: Arguably the greatest American documentary ever made, and certainly one of the most ambitious; a work of astonishing literary depth and breadth, covering a multitude of subjects and themes with insight and care while also working as riveting entertainment.

Audrey C (nl) wrote: Another movie that brings to life and reality the existence of yet another Bible character in an unparalled manner...

Will B (de) wrote: This is tied for worst superhero movie along with Batman & Robin

Steven V (de) wrote: Remember the days when cartoons were king? When each and every movie was preceded by the latest Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes adventure? At least Pixar remember and they are fighting almost single-handedly to resurrect the practise. Following on from Boundin and the brilliant One Man Band, their latest big screen outing gives them the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents on Lifted, a much darker effort than their earlier shorts but still having that strong sense of slapstick running throughout. Lifted opens in typically X-Files style - an isolated house is suddenly lit up by a flying saucer as the sleeping occupant dreams on, blissfully unaware that he is about to be abducted. Fortunately for him, the alien manning the controls has no idea which one of the thousands of switches in front of him will actually get the man into the craft. As his frustration mounts, a larger and more senior alien looks on and makes occasional notes on his clipboard like a disapproving driving instructor. Given that the opening moments are genuinely dark and tense, it's something of a surprise that Pixar chose this to show before something as decidedly kiddie-friendly as Ratatouille. However, it isn't long before the humour takes over and makes for a very amusing five minutes. Naturally, it is over-shadowed by its bigger budgeted stable-mate but Lifted is still an accomplished piece of work in its own right. I'm hoping that Pixar don't neglect this dying art-form as things like Lifted and One Man Band show that there is still some life left in the animated short.