The Galloping Major

The Galloping Major

A syndicate is set up to buy a racehorse, but they end up buying the wrong one by mistake. Unfortunately the horse is useless on the flat, so they try entering him as a jumper.

A syndicate is set up by a horse lover to buy a particular racehorse, but they accidentally buy the wrong horse. The horse is useless on the flat, so they decide to enter him as a jumper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bader A (au) wrote: The end went too far.

Mel Z (fr) wrote: Not a bad film, good action, just lacks the hollywood cash.

Alexandra L (ag) wrote: Pas mal. Mais sur la question en tant que tel, j'en doute.

Indira S (us) wrote: worth to watch, but it actually needs more action scenes in it

Clelie R (fr) wrote: I'm not interested in economics and that seemed a weird topic for a movie, so I thought I would get bored, but I found it extremely tense and gripping.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Probably one of the most underrated game to movies around as it's very loyal to the games with using most of the main characters from the game, The plot was abit silly but it had to be for this film to exist, The fight scenes were pretty good but should of been better, The acting was poor but if you go into a film like this expecting great acting then you need more film knowledge, At the end of the day it's one of the better game to films there is outside the Resident Evil franchise.

Shane M (jp) wrote: Good, but doesn't measure up to the original. The film focuses on Topper Harley being recruited on another military mission to take Saddam Hussein and free the hostages he has captive. The film has most of the original elements that made the original a classic, such as the silly nature, slapstick, gags, and parodying almost everything that occurs within the film. However, the film fails to be as memorable as the original as it isn't as funny as the original and as it should've been, has jokes that are hit-and-miss the second time around. Part Deux! still has a good performance from Charlie Sheen as Topper Harley (not as good as the first though), and also has great action. Your decision to see it or not (don't care which).

Nicholas G (au) wrote: A lot of people were mad when this movie won best picture over Scorsese's Raging Bull. While I agree that Raging Bull was a better movie, the fact remains that this is still a good movie and there are definitely worse best picture winners(Titanic, Shakespeare in Love and Dances with Wolves). The cast were very good in this movie and thus they made the tension between the family members very believable. There are not a lot of drama movies that are better than this.

Doug N (ru) wrote: Of interest for its value as a period document, but it has all the grace of a brontosaurus with its plodding voice-over, pseudo-documentary pretensions and war-time jingoism. The only relieving factor is Cagney and the realistic feel.

Matt H (es) wrote: Too much speechifying war propaganda and "stiff upper lip" for me.

Sarah O (ag) wrote: I am generally not a fan of spy movies or anything closely resembling James Bond. Harry Palmer is British counterintelligence, and from the opening credits, appears to be a ladies' man. Kind of. Harry Palmer is different in that he does not employ a lot of fancy gadgets, but instead uses his well-placed connections to get himself out of jams. I had the pleasure of seeing this in the theatre on the big screen. In this installment in the series, Texas billionaire General Midwinter, decides to eliminate Communism on his own by employing a private army. Palmer gets embroiled in this scheme that treatens to bring on World War 3. Very entertaining. Quick pacing with just the right amount of humor sprinkled in makes this a spy film for the anti-Bond crowd. I can't wait to see the other films in this series.