The Game Must Go On

The Game Must Go On


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Piet P (mx) wrote: Snoop dog is a scum-bucket... That's it. what a crap film.

Sanity Assassin (nl) wrote: WOW! that's gotta be the most fucked up love story i've ever seen. the way the story is told, through the questions, keeps you invested. it's filmed REALLY well, intoxicatingly so and never feels anything other than an unexaggerated depiction of poverty in india.

Johnson C (br) wrote: When there is choice, do you want to pick the right side or left side? but who decide the right side.

Ralph R (us) wrote: Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.

Joshua (br) wrote: In my opinion. Meg Tilly's Performance ranks up there as being one the best performances out there!!! It was such a shock that Anjelica Houston took the Oscar instead of Meg Tilly.

Claire M (us) wrote: As a fan of Shakespere's Romeo and Juliet this movie I thought was sweet and fun. Not the best but still good

Steven B (br) wrote: Great victory movie.