The Gamma People

The Gamma People

An American reporter smells a story when he is stranded in an Iron Curtain country where the local dictator is using gamma rays to transform children into mutated henchmen.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   destruction,   rescue,  

An American reporter smells a story when he is stranded in an Iron Curtain country where the local dictator is using gamma rays to transform children into mutated henchmen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete G (br) wrote: A good film that keeps u watching even tho its not a big enough twist

Bryan F (ag) wrote: I had low expectations, but was entertained. Most of the plot is crap, but the ending was good, and the scenery was awesome. Two thumbs up for filming a movie about Mongolia in Mongolia!

Marita P (ca) wrote: I believed the reviews here, but was disappointed with this DVD. I was going to buy this for my nieces, but it wouldn't hold their interest at all. Unfortunately, this movie is slow, the plot is inane, the acting is mediocre, and the girl doesn't even get to the farm until1/3 of the way through the movie. I forced my self to watch the first 7 minutes, then fast-forwarded through the rest of the film, hoping it would get better. It didn't.

rick c (gb) wrote: this was a good movie with great characters and a good message.

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Brad H (ca) wrote: Would've worked a lot better as a premise on Curb, with Larry taking over the role of Evan. Seemed too long and wandering, with too much filler to make a good full-length movie. Some seriously hilarious moments though. Explores some themes and shows characteristics that would return in Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you like Curb and Seinfeld, watch this, even though you probably won't enjoy it.

Mark G (mx) wrote: Claire Danes was still pretty cute when this was made, and everybody but the cop does a pretty good job with the material they're given. Unfortunately, that material is entirely unconvincing at its best parts and downright malicious at its worst.

The Movie G (es) wrote: One of Adam Sandler's better film than recently

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Engrossing character study about two men and their connections to two separate women, as well as the poetry that forms the core of their own friendship... Burning Patience--A heart-warming friendship and the beauty of being simplistic... A Very Special Delivery!!

Wes S (ca) wrote: Tad bit boring with very little on screen werewolves. The characters weren't too good and the editing was choppy. Some of the effects were nice but nothing great. No where near the best werewolf movie out there, but I've seen worst.

Ryan G (ca) wrote: One of Mel Brooks best!!! May the Schwartz be with you!!! Great comedy parody to Star Wars.

Brian P (mx) wrote: not a good one, thats for sure!

Pandy 3 (ca) wrote: "Jabberwocky, the monster so horrible that people caught the plague to avoid it" Funny, silly and entertaining!!! A young man Dennis Cooper (Michael Palin)sets on his way to the "big city" to prove himself worthy and return to marry his "angel" Griselda Fishfinger, but "its the middle of the dark ages, ages darker than anyone had ever expected" and the terrible monster, 'Jabberwocky' threatens the whole kingdom. Someone brave has to kill it? But who shall dare! A prince perhaps... Anyhow the lucky hero will be praised by the King (Max Wall) with certain goodies! Terry Gilliam shows up as a man with rock but not just an ordinary rock its a diamond people and if you can't see it I suggest you check your eyes, and Terry Jones appears as a poacher. Overall Gilliam did a nice job in his first solo direction of this medieval adventure with a touch of Pythonesque humor. It could have been better but still its good enough to maintain the viewer's interest until the end. It has some nice fight scenes and interesting style, so if you are a fan watch it ;)

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Thoughtful and detailed world-building is the main thing on display here, while Bruce Dern gives a great performance as man on the brink. Full review later.

Kami F (au) wrote: - I have to be in the right mood to watch this. It's one of those movies that I watch only once every 5-10 years.- Stew Pot's voice is crazy low!- The color changes are weird, and they use it WAY too much!- Some of the songs are slow, and I don't really enjoy them as much.- Emile is handsome, I used to not think so. I used to think he was old, and I liked Joe better, but Joe is kind of scrawny. Emile seems like he would be a passionate lover. Guess my taste in men has changed.- This is the first time I've understood the storyline!- I think Joe's singing voice is dubbed. It is too different from his talking voice.- The Happy Talk song makes me laugh! The hand gestures are silly.- Joe bugs me! He is engaged to a girl in PA, and he totally forgets about her! He is also racist! He thinks he can just make out and who knows what else with this Polynesian girl, but he hate the idea of marrying her and having children with her! Racist player!!- Honey Bun is my favorite song in this movie! I laugh hysterically every time!- This movie has it's moments, but overall it is kind of tedious and boring.

Jorge M (jp) wrote: Wonderfully advanced piece of storytelling and film editing for its time. Viewed by many to be the antithesis of D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, this film should be given more praise based on its own artistic merit. The only negative comment I can make about this film is that the pacing is inconsistent and leads to a dragging feeling for much of the last half of the film, but this opinion may be a direct result of my being a product of a generation of television & film that bombards its viewers with fast cuts and camera movements...

Estraya P (us) wrote: it was Awesome and scary at the same time

Wayne K (it) wrote: Whatever your opinion on Adam Sandler, most would agree he was difficult to escape during the 90s. For me his funniest movie is still Happy Gilmore, which would come only the year after this one. Billy Madison's biggest weakness is that it seems to contain a majority of the things that people so often loathe about Sandler's characters. Annoying voice, obnoxious attitude, love of toilet humour and apparent contempt for mostly everyone else in the film. Its biggest strength is that, while most of these will be too grating for some people, none are as blatant and in-your-face as in his more recent works. Some of the visual gags work, as do many of the verbal ones, and it doesn't go full-schmaltz like many of his others films are prone to doing, but there's nothing to win over non-Sandler fans. Chances are, your ability to enjoy this film will depend on your tolerance for the hero's overt and unrelenting silliness.

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