The Garage

The Garage

An automotive highway is scheduled to be built through the territory of a garage cooperative. A special meeting of the cooperative takes place to reduce the number of garages. As all was already decided and arranged by the chairholder and the board, the decision passes easily at the meeting. But one unexpected event happens - the meeting room's entrance has been locked by an anonymous member and the key is missing...

The members of a Soviet cooperative have pooled their money to have a badly needed parking garage built. But it turns out that the garage will have four fewer spaces than planned. In brutal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maryam T (jp) wrote: It was funny and I guess that's the only positive.

Sharku T (fr) wrote: Stupid characters,main character isn't interesting,doesn't feel like a spy story. Villain with absurde plan. I could rant about this movie for a long time.

Tyler H (jp) wrote: Was expecting a bit more than what i got but none the less a pretty orignal script. Lou Diamond Phillips did a good job playing a mentally ill man recently released from a home. Kind of all over the place at times and some unnessecary scenes but none the less a ok movie.

Shriya G (gb) wrote: The subject matter is handled with a very non-drama kind of way, which I loved. It was intersting to see their customs and traditions, which I didn't know about before watching the film. Absolutely gorgeous.

Stefan F (kr) wrote: This film is great, another highly overlooked cinema. Matt Dillon shows he is not only a great actor but an exceptional Director. This is a good one to own.

Martin H (au) wrote: Interesting 1992 flick with a who's who of 90's talent. 7/10

Steve S (ca) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Oliver E (ca) wrote: Fucking trippy. Amazing though, the pacing is perfect.

Keith S (br) wrote: This action remake is a good vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. Very basic plot, relatively decent cast (mainly good villain casting) with the quick wrap up ending an action flick like this deserves. With a positive anti-drugs and gambling message and well timed comedic relief, this is a movie worth seeing.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: Richard Franklin's masterpiece from down under, the film is loaded with humor, tension, and horror. Road Games starts out strong and never let's up perhaps the best performance from Stacy Keach. The scene with Keach checking the back of his semi truck load is one of the best from any horror film. Classic unknown film highly recommended to any horror fan or film buff.