The Garbage Man

The Garbage Man


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Bethany T (nl) wrote: I loved every aspect of this movie, the actors and actress's were perfect for the role and the whole movie really jerked my heart around. It was a beautiful movie. At the end I felt kind of bad that the sisters weren't allowed to see each other and im not sure if thats exactly normal. I loved this movie to death.

Joe C (br) wrote: best bigfoot movie made

Toad K (es) wrote: Could have been better. Was ok

Tristan M (fr) wrote: This is the first good climbing movie I've seen, and is a cross between climbing Mount Everest and rock climbing. It starts off good, and doesn't drang out the begining before they begin their climb. It does a good job at introducing you to the characters, but throwing in a love story wasn't the best thing to do. The climbing itself was really well done, it looked real and perfect, and gives you the feeling of being on th edge. The climbers are constantly on the near vertical north wall, with snow blowing around them, and ropes are often the only thing keeping them from falling a few thousand feet to their deaths. It's a good story, and the fact that they don't actually reach the top is a good twist. Instead they turn around to try to save an injured member of the Austrian climbing team. It is dangerous task, and a few climbers are killed in the process. The ending is good, different, and does a better job than having them all make it safely to the bottom of the mountain. It's a great movie, has a great ending, and the overall movie is very well done.

Minh M (mx) wrote: A horror film that admits that it's filled with cliche scenes. Somewhat predictable. Every character is so sarcastic and mean to each other, there is no way to care about any of them...but why am I studying this film that deeply. It sucked!

Leslie D (br) wrote: First thing you get is John McCain archive footage and the rest gets better, too. The 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO incident retold with evil aliens attacking kids in their camper. Campy, bloody and fun.

Brandon W (mx) wrote: So after Simon West didn't direct the Tomb Raider sequel, out comes Jan De Bont to direct it. If this is the same director that only did Speed, I would've been fine with it, but it's also from the same director as Speed 2, the remake of The Haunting, and the disappointing, but visually dazzling, Twister. So I wasn't expecting much from it and thought that it was going to be just as bad as the first movie. While Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life is better than Speed 2 and The Haunting, and is actually a bit of an improvement from the first one, but it's an all right film. The acting is good, and Angelina Jolie still does a great job as Laura Croft. The plot is not much better and is like the first movie. The effects sometimes look impressive, and sometimes look either off, or silly. There's humor in it which would actually help the film, but all the jokes were just flat and unfunny. The action sequences are great in it, and is actually better than the first movie. The coolest part of the movie, is the last 30 minutes where it gets dark which in a surprise twist, got me even more interested and wanted more of that. Overall, it doesn't disrespect the Tomb Raider games, although there were some moments that were a bit bothersome to me, but it's more or less the same stuff you seen before, and it could've been better.

Nicholas W (au) wrote: one of my favorite movies

Veniea T (es) wrote: It was semi okay I had watch it to the end

Sam Y (de) wrote: wonderfully done by Crystal

Andy S (it) wrote: Julie Christie was wonderful. But the rest of the movie? Well, not so much.

Super K (ca) wrote: Ive watched nearly every moves kay frncis has made this month I cant place this one at the moment

Kira C (nl) wrote: Clich (C) mix of the clumsy, forgetful female protagonist, overly chipper delivery of lines, cringe worthy stock characters, and predictable plot. One of the characters literally said that a woman is not a woman if she is not married. Overall waste of time, do not even bother.

Kieran C (ca) wrote: Fantastic to see how he nurtured so many individuals and they all show much love for him

Doug R (us) wrote: Another movie I watched in the same night, which turned out not to be bad. All though I'm not big on hand held found footage type films, this one was across between Jurassic Park and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic story The Lost World. The dinosaur CGI special effects, weren't half bad. This was by no means a SyFy channle movie.