The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

A young American writer completes his service in WWI and travels across Europe with his wife and her attractive Italian girlfriend. Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway.

A young American writer completes his service in WWI and travels across Europe with his wife and her attractive Italian girlfriend. Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris Y (ca) wrote: The David Brent office meets spinal tap. As usual , he has a heart of gold but make everyone so uncomfortable, even the viewers and we know how he is,

Roger M (it) wrote: As much as I loved "Another Earth", I love "I Origins" almost as much. Like other reviewers on here, I wished Brit Marling had more interesting screen time. Brit, you're a great screenwriter / producer with fantastic chops, but I want to see you in the frame. You bring intelligence, daring, and an iron will to every role.

Diesel L (de) wrote: While the documentary is basic in its delivery, the incredible Hugh Hefner recounts his story in an open and honest way, taking us thorugh the trials and idealogy that he has stayed true to for most of his life. The Playboy franchise seems to represent a fluffy bunny in comparison to Hugh's interwoven political and world-changing actions.

Nikhil M (gb) wrote: The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was Tilda Swinton. And I am satisfied with it. The movie may not be a great watch but her presence and performance made up for all that.

Nived N (nl) wrote: ''Life in a...Metro'' is a delightfully heart-warming film celebrating the spirits of 6 couples who's stories are interlinked with each other. The biggest strength of this fantastic film is the engaging plot and tight screenplay, Director ANURAG BASU doesn't spoonfed his audience about the flashback of each and every character instead plunges further along with them in a convincing pattern. Before there were 2 films having 6 love-stories like ''Salaam-e-ishq'' & ''Honeymoon Travels private limited'', although the latter was much better still Life in a... Metro made a larger impact which the other two didn't & that's it's poignancy. There are so many funny moments that makes you smile like the portion focusing on Irrfan Khan & Konkona Sen because they create such warmth when they arrive in screen, a very comfortable pair. There are drawbacks as well, The climax wasn't so appreciated by everyone because it seemed little bizzare, but for me it worked as it had some novelty in it, it was unique, strange, funny and cute. Also the appearance of Pritam and his gang seems little uncozy, the concept is good and I don't mind but they should have been used in minimal so that they can be seen afresh PRITAM composed his career's best album, It's so melodious and hummable with ''In Dino'', ''O Meri Jaan'' ,''Baatein Kuch Ankahee se'', ''Kar Salaam''..It makes a lingering effect. The movie is embellished with year's superior performance from every cast. NAFISA ALI SODHI & DHARMENDRA are so adorable, they are oldest couple amongst the others yet they create magic of youthful love and the scene where Dharam crosses the railway track to meet his sweetheart is his essence of love. SHILPA SHETTY shines completely as the frustrated wife, take a look at the scene especially where Shiney urges her to succumb to her dream, she out-breaks and curses herself....that's her best acting piece....a performance that's the best after ''Phir Milenge''. KAY KAY MENON is menancing as an irresponsible husband who sleeps with other woman for his so-called happiness. SHINEY AHUJA is efficient as the estranges lover, no doubt equally talented....BUT HE NEEDS TO LOOK INTO HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION. SHARMAN JOSHI & KANGANA RANAUT makes an impression, with their earnest performance. However, the actors who steals the show is IRRFAN KHAN & KONKONA SEN SHARMA, both are incredible. Their fun-filled scene makes the show more watchable like they opening sequence where Konkona meets Irrfan through a Matrimonal website in a restaurant, Irrfan just stares at her cleavage and appreciates it more than her qualification as well as the scene where after shopping expenditure, Konkona reveals the reason for rejecting him, these two scenes are going to bring full house down. Director ANURAG BASU established himself as a smart director after delivering such spirited film Overall, LIFE IN A...METRO isan inherently sincere and engaging film. Do watch it otherwise you are bound to be regretted.

Wiebke K (it) wrote: Bean's character is probably the most 2-dimensional, while everyone else shows the frustration and fantasy to take justice into one's own hand -- and the results of that. Rather grimy and realistic.

Rick B (gb) wrote: Three cheers for Toto! You may be able to tell by my profile pic that I absolutely adore this film. While the heisei-era Gamera's were spectacular, Gamera The Brave brings Gamera back to his childhood roots with success the showa-era Gamera movies could only dream of. The action took a backseat in this one, but the bond between Toto and Toru is fully fleshed out and the action that is there is great. Top-notch kaiju movie and one of my favorites to be sure.

St B (es) wrote: There is a big sad gulp when i saw the ending of the film, the taste is different. like you just attended to your love one's funeral.a lesson to be a real moslem and a tie bound between dad and son.This is a very thought-provoking, enjoyable and well-made film that I would recommend to anyone with brain and heart.

Chloe C (de) wrote: i like Odile's children, especially the little girl :) a good play on the contrast between good and evil.

soul r (ru) wrote: not as good as Amorres Perros, yet it's plenty good

Robert I (ag) wrote: Few people give this movie a chance, but it's damn entertaining.

Ariel R (fr) wrote: My Brendan! Working up the ladder with this cute little romance. "Paco taco"

Ross L (ca) wrote: Cocky Chuck Norris fighting supernatural devil shit. Hell yeah!This stuff never gets old. And it was directed by Chuck's younger bro.2010 Movies:25

Curtis R (de) wrote: this'll hold you over until "the one with the whales." stay for Christopher Lloyd, and that's about it. It could have been the most tragic chapter however it could not hold a candle to the conclusion of ST II so it comes off as forced and boring.

Logan T (kr) wrote: "Interiors" is so assured in its material that it would've seemed that Woody Allen had been making dramas for years, despite the fact that this was his first one. He's a master filmmaker in that way. Allen has emphasized Ingmar Bergman as one of his major influences, and it is clearly shown here.

Melissa G (jp) wrote: I loved it all! It didn't hurt to have Keira Knightley in the lead. ;0)

Mark N (ru) wrote: Just too forgettable to recommend to anyone but a fan of the cast members. It certainly tries hard with the material to be a little different but unremarkable costuming, sets and effects drag it down. Somehow missing a sparkle in the script that would raise one character or a single scene that had real impact; I give huge credit to their attempts it was just lacking a skill in execution to make it stand out.

Norman D (ca) wrote: I beg to differ with the majority verdict on this excellent film. The anonymous (as usual) "critics consensus" about l;asking a spark is way off. The eccentric genius (fast becoming a Cumberbatch specialty) Assange offset against the more ordinary though still obviously brilliant Daniel Berg brought out the tragedy inevitable when such history-making yet highly individual actions are undertaken. I found the ending "interview" with Assange particularly effective in surfacing the moral dilemmas that surrounded the Cablegate (Wikileaks) affair.