The Gathering

The Gathering

When Adam Thornton learns that he only has a little time left, he decides that he wants to make peace with his family. Only problem is that most of his family are not exactly fond of him because he walked out on his wife and of his stubborn nature and he hasn't spoken to his youngest son after having an argument with him which he was in the wrong but only realize after his son left and has not been heard from since. But he goes to her to help him find him. But when his doctor says that it won't be good for him to travel, she suggests that they invite them all for Christmas. While most of them come, Adam's attempt at reconciliation won't be easy.

Dying father (Ed Asner) pulls his torn family together for a last Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris S (it) wrote: A standard before the undercover , undercover and conclusion set up . Fails to get the gritty hard hitting flavour to take hold, American history x brought home what this movement is and the damage it can cause . Strong performances but Radcliffe had the odd slip up. Overall a good film but more time needed to really develop the character and add more background story. Hearing from the real person in the special features helped . Overall good :)

Aravind V (it) wrote: Storyline is minus. Cinematography and music is awesome. Mani need to avoid making some dull scenes

Robbie N (fr) wrote: Funny and entertaining enough, but I can understand the criticism. It is obviously made for people with a more crude and random sense of humour, and I would have to admit to probably being one of those people. Yes, there is no denying it's conventional script, and pretty pedestrian storyline, but I was consistently laughing throughout, especially at the likes of Justin Timberlake. There is a certain amusing vibe to it, and with it's entertaining premise and consistent laughs, I can easily forgive most of it's flaws. Another thing that a lot of other comedy movies seem to do is they add in forced sentimentality, which feels fake and does not fit the film in any way. Luckily, Bad Teacher leaves corny tenderness out of this, and instead focuses on the film's bemusing yet entertaining plot and a parade of crude and absurd scenarios. Cameron Diaz shows off her broad performance skills in a role you know she enjoyed doing, all added into a film that isn't without flaws, but adds enough raunchy humour and crude dialogue to engage and amuse.

Tsubaki S (fr) wrote: A lot better from what i was expecting, considering that must people don't give a lot of credit to this one. It's a nice spoof of sci/fi concepts. A fit ending to a very unique trilogy.

Chris H (us) wrote: There are cool ideas in this movie, but the ball gets dropped on nearly all of them. As with most kaiju films, the humans are boring and underdeveloped, the acting is over-the-top and inconsistent, and there's way too many characters to boot. That said, Mothra has a real reason to attack the city, which most kaiju films can't say.

neil L (br) wrote: Classic hip hop movie.

Louise B (it) wrote: I loved this movie when I first saw it back in the 70s, and I think it has stood the test of time well. Richard Burton is fantastic; his performance is moving and reminiscent of Richard Harris's memorable portrayal of King Arthur in "Camelot", which had come out a couple of years earlier. The script is also surprisingly eloquent. I would recommend it.

Al H (ca) wrote: Like the phantom menace, this movie is not so good.