The Gazebo

The Gazebo

TV writer Elliott Nash buries a blackmailer under the new gazebo in his suburban backyard. But the nervous man can't let the body rest there.

TV writer Elliott Nash buries a blackmailer under the new gazebo in his suburban backyard. But the nervous man can't let the body rest there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (mx) wrote: Stool Pigeon will not join the pantheon of better informant movies, like Infernal Affairs, Donnie Brasco, or New World. Its a thriller that is mainly unfocused, with Nick Cheung's character having too many subplots with his former informant and the story about his ex-wife. The stool pigeon in question has good back story but he's a very static character in both physical and acting wise. by the time the film's climax comes around, its not entertaining at all. No one has a gun for some reason, and it ends on a very sloppy note. There's one very tense scene in which the villain tests the informant, but other than the film falls flat. It doesn't keep up the pace or tension, and doesn't deliver enough suspense or thrills. Steeped in melodrama and ill fitting subplots, The Stool Pigeon is not one of Dante Lam's better films. Check out Beast Cops instead.

Kevin L (kr) wrote: Good documentary that takes you into combat in Iraq and the battle that is fought on the home front. It is worth a look.

Jordan W (ag) wrote: a bit over dramatic but it was an intense, thrilling, and a crazy ride through and through

Vidar H (fr) wrote: Funny and different!!!!

Kenny C (jp) wrote: Simple yet honest. The Shawshank Redemption and American History X wrote down notes.

Charlie M (br) wrote: Housewife joins the stand up comedy circuit in this entertaining romantic comedy.

Michael W (mx) wrote: John Candy is brainwashed in an attempt to kill his Congressman father-in-law to be. A significant underachievement given the presence of three SCTV alumni. When these guys fail to make it work there are real problems.

Mohamed A (kr) wrote: not as brilliant as "Persona" or "Fanny and alexander" but still Powerful

Anastasia B (kr) wrote: I found this review from an imdb user "James Oblivion" very close to what I have been thinking about the film: "All in all, this film has its moments, but fails to live up to the legend of the world's greatest detective. Rathbone is a fine Holmes and Bruce (despite the almost unforgivable dumbing down of the Watson character) does a good job, as well. But much of the supporting cast seem to be phoning in their performances. The production values are rather noticeably low and the script is fairly ludicrous. I still watch this one from time to time, and certainly prefer it over Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (the first "Universal" Holmes entry)...but I can't help but think that Sherlock Holmes deserves better than this."

Jenna I (mx) wrote: It's a hard movie to shoot when your narrator is meant to be deaf, mute and blind. They skip the menace and harrowing chill of the book for more of a general sadness. You feel bad for Joe, but you don't feel his terror. That said, well shot and certainly emotional at times. They made use of the best scenes in the book and hammered them home.