The General

The General

During America’s Civil War Union spies steal engineer Johnnie Gray's (Buster Keaton's) beloved locomotive The General and he single-handedly must do all in his power to get it back. Released throughout most of the world in 1927, this Silent comedy-action film flopped when originally released, but now is regarded as one of the great American motion pictures. The story is based on actual historic events.

Johnnie Gray is an engineer. He only has two loves: one is his train "General" and his lover Annabelle Lee. He is asigned as an engineer in Civil War. But this makes Annabelle think that he is a coward. Suddenly, Annabelle is captured by the union spies. What will he do to save his love? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif H (ca) wrote: Could have been better.

Andrs Antonio H (gb) wrote: Buena, recomendable!

Jacob F (us) wrote: A good documentary about the people involved with Troll 2. Surprisingly touching at times, and very interesting to see where these people ended up, and what they're really like.

Alexander F (jp) wrote: I gave this a chance because I curious what Cameron Romero would bring to the table but this turned out to be pretty terrible. The only thing scary about it is that I am convinced this story happens in rural America no matter how unbelievable it may seem.

Ursula L (au) wrote: Absolutely painful. The rotoscoping was an ugly gimmick. And the story was a horribly cheesy and stereotypical outsider interpretation of a Chinatown fairytale.

Kevin20 S (nl) wrote: Three words: Worst. Movie. Ever. The first two films were awesome. The real Kevin McCallister beat up the bad guys, spent a lot of money, and ran around. The third one was good, but not as good as the first two. He did have good traps, however, it shouldn't be part of the franchise due to none of the characters in the original two films. The fourth one however, was the worst film in history. They replaced Macaulay Culkin with a winy 5 year old, and he has brown instead of blonde hair in this one. Wow. It's like they didn't even try to look like any of the original actors, with the exception of the dad who was good. And MArv looks like Harry from the first two films and he has no beard! I've seen fuller beards on women. They should've at least stayed with the original actors and have a family reunion with Marv and harry returning to steal from kevin's children. All I'm saying is that any person with a back camera on a device could make up some more action. In the desription it says that mike is a look alike and sound alike, and yet he doesn't look anything like him at all, not my Kevin, Blonde hair and blue eyes is not Brown hair and Brown eyes. I've seen better acting in Homemade movies. He looks like he's five and sounds like 5 too. He;s a phony fake kevin. They should call this Defending your house from robbers instead of home alone four and change up the names. I think only the first two movies count as the true home alone movies. Here are my ratings of the movies 1990-2012Home Alone: 9.5/10 AHome alone 2:10/10 A+Home Alone 3: 7/10 CHome Alone 4: .1/10 F-Home Alone 5: 3/10 D

Brandon D (mx) wrote: Quite a fun movie. No plot but has its moments of fun and frolics

Eric B (gb) wrote: Sharp, nuanced and very enjoyable.

Alister N (au) wrote: If martial arts films' success was measured by the amount of shots featuring horses galloping, and confusing battles - this remake of the 60's King Hu film would be a blockbuster. As it stands its merely an above average torrent of bad manners and ott choreography

Allan C (ru) wrote: Odd horror film about a group of criminals with high tech gear who hijack and airplane and force it land in Mexico. What they don't know is they are rendezvous point happens to be the resting ground for some evil scarecrows. Yep, that's what this movie is about. The scarecrows kill the criminals in grizzly manners and the innocent folks on the plane do their best to avoid the deadly scarecrows. Two stars for the creepy scarecrows and decent gory special effects, but overall this is nothing all that special.

Vernon G (it) wrote: I remember this from the 80's. Good sport! Was a lot of fun to see both Raymond and Debra's fathers (from "Everybody Loves Raymond" play complete assholes. "Zimmerman flew, Tyler knew!"

Anders A (kr) wrote: From the entertainment-center of the brain, its not very spiteful of action. From the historical center of the brain, its a awesome history of the hard and poor times in the Scandinavian (here Sweden, though relevant for Norway aswell), and about how the thousand-fold "escaped" to America. Several class actors from the Swedish scene is taking part, though putting on a very naturalistic approach, which goes through every scene. Also the natures rawness is coming through like never before. Nothing comes free, and surely here you get the picture of the word struggle.

David L (gb) wrote: The problem with this film is that it wasn't particularly memorable, nor does it have an entry on Wikipedia, so the fact I can't recall a great deal about it to write a review is not an encouraging sign. From the title you can easily guess what it's about - A group of friends come across a Ouija Board and decide to contact the dead. Ultimately they have success, but forgot the basic rule of remembering to say goodbye at the end of the session, thus enabling the souls of the deceased to re-enter the world. A few of the group die as they go about their everyday life, leaving the remaining members addicted to the board to try to understand the root of the problem, and how to overcome their worsening situation. Towards the end, we see the back story to how the spirits behind the board came about their miserly disappearance, and learn the truth as to who is the mystery assailant responsible for the recent case or murders. It's not really very scary for today's standard's, and the fact that it's filmed through the third person camera view is frustrating, annoying, and quite degrading of the films overall quality. The acting is pretty shocking, and if I were to set up a hidden camera amongst my group of friends, I expect you'd get a similar level of entertainment from re-watching that. It takes low budget even lower, and the fact that this has apparently spawned a sequel is beyond belief. I guess if I had to be positive, it did flow reasonably well, and to a degree it saved its best moments till last, but there is nothing to shout about here, other than it has definitely encouraged me to still never mess with Ouija Boards.

Andrey B (kr) wrote: An expensive Mad Max like film that ends up being too uninteresting, though it's a pleasure to watch the scenere, real made decorations, devices, etc.