The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio

The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio

A new, very dangerous virus, spreading all over Europe in early 2011. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio torrent reviews

Btch T (ca) wrote: From HumanCop to RoboCop Jose Padilha, now i see the connection.

Lloyd D (it) wrote: I dont understand the good reviews on this film its clearly a terrible rip off of Natural born killers without the talent or budget to back it up. Theres very little action and the horror is insulting. They spend more time talking then any action. Kane was brill in Angel but his talent is wasted here. Sorry people but I expected more from this and being low budget is no f**king excuse as I have seen decent low budget action and horror films and this film is a bad joke.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Phillip K (ag) wrote: Should have been a short film.

Alex C (us) wrote: It's one of the best films of 2002 that nobody every saw. The film is a tragedy about a farm family that still haunted by the terrible secrets of their past. The film deals with plenty of simple themes: life, death, love, and grief. And the story is told so delicately that it really allows the characters to earn a deeper sense of stark reality. And there are many heartbreaking scenes. One of most powerful scenes is when the eldest son realizes how their father has died. It's done without words, and just actions, and it's very moving. This is truly a great film about small town people with painful, moral obstacles.

Noah Abraham G (it) wrote: "For Richer Or Poorer" is very dumb at times, but I also think it's very funny and not at all disrespectful to the Amish; if anything, it venerates them while also pointing out how their society could improve. Also, it has Larry Miller. Which is awesome.

Esteban S (br) wrote: One of the best Bond songs and one of the lousiest soundtracks ( I mean 70's B karate movie lousy)

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Shanghai Knights is stupid in a nutshell, but is undeniably hilarious and fun thanks to two incredibly enjoyable performances.