The Ghost of Saint Aubin

The Ghost of Saint Aubin

When beautiful Nicole Saint Aubin disappears, her small-time gangster boyfriend is determined to find her no matter what. His dogged search soon leads him into a strange supernatural world and face-to-face with a long-concealed mystery.

When a beautiful woman disappears, a shocking secret is revealed in an explosive and supernatural tale of love, revenge and obsession spanning generations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (de) wrote: For some reason I like to watch this movie despite Affleck's narration and clunky editing. "Angst for the memories."

Charles G (ru) wrote: Peter Sellers was good in his role.Makes one think about how we view others at times.

Filipe C (br) wrote: Kurosawa makes a case for the power of choice in a film that encompasses all things, all life. Red Beard is the director's most humbling achievement and the definitive mark of a true humanist.

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Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: It is very rare for me to truly love a Japanese film due to personal issues, but this film man... it hit me on so many levels. I loved every second of "Tokyo Story" and I found it beautifully melancholic and profoundly moving. I have to say it is not for everyone and requires a certain kind of patience; it unfolds at the speed of life and it allows us to be an observer, looking at an every day life of ordinary people in post-war Japan. The themes of family and generations affected me emotionally that it actually made me feel nostalgic for my own culture, which almost never happens from watching a Japanese film. It is tender, complex, and quietly devastating and I have to say this just became one of my favorite films of all time. "Tokyo Story" is a great film.

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Wayne H (ca) wrote: Remaking this into a series of films might work. That said, any director who takes on this film had better develop something that both does justice to and (hopefully) improves upon John Carpenter's masterful work. Another remake in the spirit of the recent Halloween reboot or rehashing of The Thing would be just awful.