The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

A new crew member has to deal with a sea captain that may be crazy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:69 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   ship,   captain,  

Tom Merriam signs on the ship Altair as third officer under Captain Stone. At first things look good, Stone sees Merriam as a younger version of himself and Merriam sees Stone as the first ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noname (br) wrote: This is a movie with superb perfomances/acting with Philip Seymour Hoffman (Oscar nominated for this role) and Meryl Streep along with the sweet Amy Adams. All three were amazing and lift the movie alot. The story tho are a bit behind but still pretty good and actually the plot seemed a bit boring at first when read about it. But i found it to be an interesting flick to follow til the end. Decent movie length took care of that part aswell i guess. Anyway a worth seeing drama especially for the acting.. Enjoy

Bartley M (mx) wrote: A giant squid is running around eating people. Hard to stay with this one as it takes forever before any real action happens. When the rubber does finally hit the brass tacks, we are left wanting.

Art S (es) wrote: Todd Haynes' homage to the films of Douglas Sirk lovingly recreates the 1950s bourgeois milieu (where social norms and pressures to fit in and be perfect dominate) that Sirk probed in so many great films (All that Heaven Allows, Imitation of Life, Written on the Wind). However, he brings some of the subterranean conflicts and desires that Sirk only hinted at to the surface and makes them overt and this both increases the melodrama and reduces the shock that Sirk provides through a lighter touch. But that's not to say that the jostling surface and inner realities that Haynes portrays aren't fascinating too. Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid play a married couple who are models of their community ... until he confronts his homosexuality and she falls in love with their Black gardener (played with great warmth by Dennis Haysbert, echoing Rock Hudson in All That Heaven Allows and with a tip of the hat to Fassbinder). If you love Sirk, you'll love this.

Philip V (es) wrote: Eh, the first one was ten times better and Goldberg was just ridiculous. A lot of cheese in this movie but it has it's good moments here and there.

Timothy M (ru) wrote: Enlightening to a historic topic somewhat overlooked. By the end of the film your rawled up and ready to throw a few punches with Jack LaMotta.

Brad S (ru) wrote: Robert Montgomery both directs and stars in this excellent film-noir from 1947, which only recently became available on DVD/Blu-ray for the first time. Filled with a tremendous amount of atmosphere, and strong supporting performances, it will certainly delight fans of the audience. Also notable is that Thomas Gomez became the first Hispanic actor nominated for an Oscar with his Supporting Actor nomination. Check it out!

Andy F (fr) wrote: Pretty good 40s horror with masterful performances by the underrated George Zucco. Dwight Frye pops up in his usual role too. A reasonably straight vampire movie that starts better than it ends.

Kathy W (ca) wrote: Crap movie 0 stars boring the whole movie through start to finish

Daniel D (us) wrote: Awesome Jarmusch film which follows five taxi cabs throughout the U.S. and Europe. Despite the visuals being simple and even pale they were blended in perfectly to the surroundings. The dialogue included plenty of hysterical moments. This is the only second film I've seen of Jarmusch (first being Dead Man) and I highly prefer this one. The way this movie was broken up into five short films made it move fast, and keep its up beat character. The acting was genuine, and the two I'd praise the most are Gena Rowlands and Beatrice Dalle. My favorite scene didn't feature either though, and that one is Rome. This one included Roberto Benigni who kept the perverted comedy going in a laugh riot scene.3.5 stars++

Olivier B (mx) wrote: A masterpiece of gore and wacky moments.

chris a (ag) wrote: to have any appreciation or to even enjoy the film period, you need to have watched BMS. Otherwise this movie is garbage. In relation to the TV show, its tolerable.