The Gift

The Gift

A husband and wife try to reinvigorate their relationship but their lives are threatened by a "friend" from the husband's past who holds a horrifying secret about him, sending their world into a tailspin.

Simon and Robyn are a young married couple whose life is going just as planned until a chance encounter with an acquaintance from Simon's high school sends their world into a harrowing tailspin. At first, Simon doesn't recognize Gordo, but after a troubling series of uninvited encounters and mysterious gifts, a horrifying secret emerges. As Robyn learns what really happened between Simon and Gordo, she begins to question how well she knows her spouse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tav D (kr) wrote: Good indie. Worth the watch.

MF J (ru) wrote: What a film! This is such an incredible denunciation about the differences between men & women in the Arabic world! It's brilliantly done, the cast is perfect & the way it's shot send us back to the documentary type wich serves the film really here here! Go for it it's really a great film with a lot to say!

Carlos M (ru) wrote: An always gripping, harrowing and thought-provoking documentary that dives deep into an open sore of Brazilian society and exposes some of the most terrible social issues that have been driving out of control a city dominated by violence and indifference.

Giulia L (it) wrote: I'm Italian and been living in the States for many years. I was curious to see an Italian movie again and so... OMG. Over-acted, frenetic, cliched (I've been to those parties and such and it just brought back such bad, and bored memories). Maybe Italy has become over-acted and a cliche'..... Unsufferable.

Robert B (ca) wrote: A violent (almost comic) thriller about a gang war in Japan. The movie have strong actings, violent scenes (and sadistic ones) but the blood effects are somewhat too forced to be beliviable. Nice story in all - maybe in 2001 it had caused some comotion, but nowadays not so much. 7/10

Christal J (it) wrote: Animation and story was not as good as the first. Don Bluth must be ashamed and offended at this horrible creation.

Simona (br) wrote: Seen it such a long time ago I can't remember all the details ..

Arif B (br) wrote: an amusing tale / farce on punctuality and it's importance in life. highly amusing

Ross V (kr) wrote: Great 1950s space opera with one of the greatest McGuffins of all movie Time/Space : the (drumroll) Interocitor! It has it's very own Wikipedia page!

Justin B (nl) wrote: I love this movie. It's only truly frightening to those with the title condition but for everyone else it still remains a funny and energetic monster movie throwback with a phenomenally effective score and a fully committed Jeff Daniels.