The Gin Game

The Gin Game

Weller Martin challenges his new friend Fonsia Dorsey to a game of Gin. But is suddenly in for more than he wagers.

Weller Martin challenges his new friend Fonsia Dorsey to a game of Gin. But is suddenly in for more than he wagers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar G (us) wrote: Slo un error es suficiente para que la vida se desmorone. Un drama fabuloso en una sociedad con altas bases Morales. Fria, autentica y visualmente lograda, est pelcula es una mirada profunda a la sociedad irlandesa.

Paul W (nl) wrote: A very enjoyable hour and a half. I heard something about this documentary on NPR a year or so ago and have wanted to watch it ever since. Basically it follows the construction of a concert grand Steinway, from a log floating in a river with other logs to a beautiful finished instrument, a process that takes an entire year and is done entirely by skilled hands using old-fashioned artisan tools. And not in some quaint Bavarian forest with elves, but right in the middle of Queens by American workers. It makes you proud. Especially nice where the interviews with pianists, from Harry Connick to Marcus Roberts, and the scenes in the "selection room," where concert pianists play piano after piano, trying to find just the right one. God, I wish a had a hundred grand or so -- I'd buy a Steinway tomorrow!

Heather W (ca) wrote: To all the people who hated this movie, have you ever lost someone you loved? I think it is a clear and startling portrait of the madness and longing caused by grief. I wish more popular culture addressed that issue with such fearlessness.

Wasima R (mx) wrote: Loved it, Funny n Romantic Movie

Jason (mx) wrote: Take 10 lame American movies and add a few good ones. Stir around for a while, and let some Italians figure out the rest, and you have the funniest comedy ever made. Many people won`t like this one though. The 10 lame movies I mentioned are all big hits, and lot`s of people like them, so naturally this movie is not for everyone.

Dave N (kr) wrote: Very overrated. No way could a level of public hazing exist where so many Senior jocks would want to hurt so many incoming freshman. Just ridiculous.

Chris P (nl) wrote: When it comes to movies that are more aimed toward children but still have an adult message behind it, I have some lofty expectations: smooth animation, a strong soundtrack, and a great plot. What this movie lacks from other ones I've seen lately is a strong voice cast - and I read some reviews that linked this movie with Fern Gully, which was OVERLY cheesy and ridiculous - but when I watched this with an open mind and heart, I put all that aside and was actually quite impressed. Aside from one sort-of over the top scene where birds sing in some sort of revival, you have to look at the overlying themes to truly appreciate this film: the innocence but loving and togetherness of childhood, the effects of our actions on the environment, and the efforts ones will undertake to save their fellow kind, no matter what the cost. If you look past the head-scratchers and eventually put the pieces together, you'll develop a stronger understanding of this movie, just like I did. Happy endings eventually abound and the major lesson is this: Hope springs eternal, if you just believe. "Once Upon A Forest" should leave you with warmth in your heart, lessons in your mind, and a sense that you can do anything you put your mind to with a little faith.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 4/18/2017: Pretty bad. A very cheesy horror film with zero comedy.

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