The Girl by the Lake

The Girl by the Lake

A cop investigates the murder of a beautiful teen girl left naked by a lake.

The body of a young woman is found in a small and quiet town in North Italy. A detective from the nearby main city is called to solve the mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucien L (br) wrote: A fun musical about Soviet culture that looks at the repression and conformity through as whimsical lens. Some great musical numbers and creative art direction really make the film a joy to watch.

Sameer K (it) wrote: Fun but extremely over-the-top Bond film. Beautiful cinematography that recalls INCEPTION. One standout incredible scene -- a fight in a skyscraper. But the third act is a mess and Bardem's villain laughably bad. I wish the storytelling just weren't so damn dull.

Amanda H (fr) wrote: While you do need to be a bit of a nerd to enjoy this movie, you don't necessarily need to be a comic book nerd. Comics have never been of any interest to me, but I found this film pretty entertaining nonetheless. I enjoy mockumentaries, and this is a pretty solid one.

Muffin M (us) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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Martin O (de) wrote: Good wee Saturday night thriller

Walter L (es) wrote: Actually .. I liked this Movie, especially both Kongs. Will we ever learn what happened to Baby Kong? The Movie is entertaining!

Nicolas L (es) wrote: Completely pointless.

Ben S (gb) wrote: Good music, but this movie suffers from multiple-personality disorder: first it's a movie about a band, then it's a film noir, then it's a relationship melodrama, then it's a band movie again. It's neat to see Elia Kazan in front of the camera, and there's a great montage at the end from Don Siegel.

Steven G (de) wrote: Like an actual cheerleader, Bring it On is adorable and full of energy, but it also lacks depth and wisdom. But the pace and fun spirit of the film make it irresistible regardless.

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Andy V (us) wrote: This is a sarcastic, funny, clever, touching movie featuring believable Seattleites and actually filmed in Seattle (and by the beach).

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