The Girl from Monday

The Girl from Monday

A comic drama about a time in the near future when citizens are happy to be property traded on the stock exchange.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   snow,   telescope,  

A comic drama about a time in the near future when citizens are happy to be property traded on the stock exchange. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahima D (au) wrote: Great family movie... made me cry... :(

Kathleen W (es) wrote: You don't really want to be anyone in this movie because they all kind of suck, but it's about hope and about being willing to have really big dreams and most of us don't have that, so to be honest at the end we'd all probably swap places with Darius (Plaza). Only partially because of all of her good jokes. I wish I could tell good jokes.

JW V (ru) wrote: The documentary starts off with a thought provoking contrast. We land in the middle of a deadly Afghan war scene, only to see the marines' family reunion in America shortly after. This contrast suggests the frightful incompatibility of these scenes, and hints at the question of how the marines cope with this.During the story of Nathan back home, our point of view shifts from time to time to the Afghan war scene. These suggest the flashbacks that Nathan experiences.Ironic scenes from Nathan playing Call of Duty confront the viewer with the barbarity it is of reducing war to an enjoyable video game.The strongest moment in the film features one of Obama's speeches touching on the Afghan war. The film suggests the ridiculousness, emptiness and idiocy of Obama's idealized speeches about war, and subtly subverts it when a wounded and indifferent Nathan comments: "Well, Afgan people aren't watching."This film suggests that even physically unharmed marines come home profoundly wounded, be it emotional. Nathan's neurotic and unpredictable behaviour makes us question what injury cuts deeper, the physical or the emotional.

Zandra E (ru) wrote: This movie is entertaining and not for the prudish at all. Larry Levenson is quite an interesting guy. I can't call him a complete sleaze ball and that was part of Plato's charm and it's draw during its heyday in the late 70s. I will admit that I did look at this movie with a grimace on my face. It was not the sex that bothered me, but the horrible dread in my stomach knowing what the diagnosis of HIV was a few years around the corner. I just shuttered wondering how many people in the clips were diagnosed. They all seemed like really nice people who were just having fun and boom. Scary stuff.

Meghna P (gb) wrote: Heavy handed and a tired tale.

Luigi T (au) wrote: The legacy of rocky will live on forever

Gerald A (au) wrote: Chloe Grace Moretz performance was wonderful, if you get the dvd, I recommend listening to. the directors commentary, after you have watched the movie a few times. Very entertaining.

Jamie I (es) wrote: I like Clive Owen. I like Paul Giamatti. I like the idea of Giamatti playing one nasty bad guy. I did not like this movie. Owen plays Smith but why should we care? Why should we care about the pregnant woman or the baby he saves? Why should we care about poor hooker Donna Quintano, Monica Bellucci, who traded her normal life for her current one after giving birth to a stillborn baby. And Smith, why should we care his wife and child died from guns he sold? These are all terrible things which would lead a moviegoer to develop some feeling for the characters on screen. However, the order in which these facts are presented are not conducive to said feeling. By the time you find out all this information it's too late. As I said, why care? And there are a lot of silly stunts by Smith. No big deal right? Add a baby to the silly stunts and please. Really? So you're telling me flopping all around with a newborn is not going to hurt his development? And this baby isn't going to have hearing problems from the excessive gun shots he's heard? Please. Alternate title for this flick: How Many Ways Can Smith Use a Carrot as a Weapon?. No joke. This ridiculousness happens way too frequently for my tastes. Bottom line: avoid.

Luciano G (gb) wrote: "Altered" is no big budget film, but the special effects are fine & the aliens look good...... the performances are convincing, the directing is far better than is to be expected.....a fine example of an "extra-terrestrial thriller" done right....

Charlie G (it) wrote: Intence edge of your seat film through a good amount of it. Once you see it you'll know what happens and the movie will loose it's enjoyment.

Justin B (br) wrote: An over the top and often creepy retread of the first film. Recycled jokes, misguided humor and little understanding of what actually made the original film funny.

Jason J (de) wrote: Decent enough action film.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Effects-driven sci-fi is one big yawn from start to finish.

Jennalynn (mx) wrote: Lovely!!! ... to "coin" a phrase.

Angel D (es) wrote: pretty good story, smart man though..

Rendan L (es) wrote: It's still excellently animated, has great song writing, and a pace that could keep anyone's attention. Grade: B+

J D (br) wrote: I like all the actors, the genre and loved everything about it. I really don't know why it was panned. I can't get enough of these guys.

Russ B (us) wrote: 2/3/2015: Excellent movie with a pretty great cast. A fun interesting plot with plenty of action and humor.

Matthew B (ca) wrote: This movie is about a scientist who creates alluring women who explode when someone kisses them. I'm not kidding.