The Girl from Montmartre

The Girl from Montmartre

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Spencer P (nl) wrote: Definitely a must-see for fans of the strip, with all the historical information you could ask for on it, though it doesn't emotionally expand far beyond reflecting fan-love and watching people read.

Sowmya A (ru) wrote: At times it seems plausible othertimes it seems absurd. So, this movie is about creating an army of actual civilians who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the country, basically, they want suicide bombers out of the too comfortable USA citizens. In the process, they harden the team to create monster of observers to draw inference out of the studies being conducted for the process.

Montry C (gb) wrote: One of he best movies I have ever seen. Ed Hogg will become one of the best actors living. Carrie Fisher was awesome.

Lacy A (fr) wrote: it was semi confusing but i LOVED the soundtrack!

Saad C (nl) wrote: The plot line was actually awesome, but the acting made the movie not so good :/

Ryan J (us) wrote: this sounds so bad that it could be good

Stellar C (nl) wrote: dragons born by scince

Ariel R (ag) wrote: Not Ashley's greatest.

Doretha A (de) wrote: This movie was funny as h*ll!! I dont care what no one says...Bernie had me crying! R.I.H. to the greatest!

Clment A (fr) wrote: Un des films le plus troublant que j'ai pu voir. Surtout la fin trs perturbante.

Bill M (kr) wrote: Well done visually and story telling wise, but not very engaging for almost 2 hours of wacky people on the road. Oh, and the fighting trees...what?

Thanasis A (fr) wrote: poetry and cinema...two arts, one film!! it's a kind of magic!!

Adam M (ru) wrote: Has mythologizing as weird as Zardoz... Add melodrama; hippie disillusionment; cut-and-dried philosophical stands about selling-out, redneckophobia; subplots about sexual and gender identity; a way of editing the jousts that makes you feel cheated; and a way of editing most everything else that makes it look like the coolest industrial film you've ever seen. All added together you end up with... an endearing WTF

Bill B (ag) wrote: Tommy Sands...Riding high in April, shot down in May!Movie Rating 0-1/3

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Superb drama/noir from the great director Fritz Lang. The screenplay is very clever and has many surprising and interesting to watch twists, performances are great from an all star cast.

Braden Z (fr) wrote: this movie was made when all producer craped in a bag and made a movie out of it, it is a pathetic excues of a movie I would rather watch gili ok a bit extreme with gili but its true, PS and if u enjoyed this piece of crap go sit in a corner and think about your life

Sally H (ru) wrote: Creepy, fascinating film noir. Not quite as gripping as Laura and hasn't worn quite as well, but still well worth watching and Gene Tierney is captivating as always.