The Girl from the Marsh Croft

The Girl from the Marsh Croft

In this Swedish romance, a strapping farm boy is betrothed to a pretty socialite. Unfortunately, he really loves a simple girl from the marsh. His engagement to the wealthy lass is broken after he gets into a barroom brawl. He is then able to marry the woman he really loves.

In this Swedish romance, a strapping farm boy is betrothed to a pretty socialite. Unfortunately, he really loves a simple girl from the marsh. His engagement to the wealthy lass is broken after he gets into a barroom brawl. He is then able to marry the woman he really loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martyn M (es) wrote: Little dissapointed as this was not advertised as being a subtitles film. The film was fun to watch but a little obvious. Characters were well played and gave good accounts of the character.

Mohamed A (gb) wrote: time pass ..salman khan steals ajays thunder

Nickie L (ru) wrote: A naughty lady swans about shocking 50s Brighton, shouting 'up your bum' a lot.

Hemo X (fr) wrote: Den er nok litt b-film, men eg digger stemninga (y)Herlig p ein sundag!

Jaime G (br) wrote: En DVD. Vaya, debo admitir que me ha costado puntuar esta pelicula. Me encuentro ante estos raros casos en la que el producto a valorar se encuentra en un umbral inclasificable. Diria que esta peli, de J.T.Petty, el de "Soft for Diggin", es bipolar por muchas razones. El tema es del genero de terror pero el tratamiento no lo es; nada de convencionalismos. Lo que lo vuelve un material interesante, una apuesta arriesgada con personajes que rayan el subnormalismo pero que no lo son, lo que justifica el aislamiento del prota, en clara referencia al clasico de Hitchcock, y de como la amenaza del mundo exterior empieza a filtrarse hacia el interior. Un interior, por cierto, denso, pesado, amplio, casi vacio, pobre, como el resto de apartamentos, impersonal con una iluminacion y fotografia particular, igual de rara, que puede que irrite o inquiete a muchos por lo simple y baja de presupuesto, que es a lo que nos tienen acostumbrado Hollywood. Petty parece disfrutar mas sugiriendo que mostrando, que es lo que sucede aqui en el climax del metraje lo que provoca una no resolucion del "plot" de la peli, o no convence, o no explica nada, no se justifica nada, y que a muchos les parecera un mal guion. Sinembargo la sensacion final es que has visto una peli, no de terror, aunque haya mucha sangre y bichos, ni de suspense, aunque vagamente se produce tension, ni drama, aunque la forma de rodar lo sugiera, ni de ciencia ficcion auqnue salga un cientifico obseso, no te aburre aunque tampoco te hace saltar en tu asiento... Por eso pongo la puntuacion por la mitad; ni una cosa ni la otra, pero eso si, muy particular.

Dan G (ca) wrote: "Kids will squeal for Gordy" I highly doubt it. "The Pig That Made It Big" Unlike the sucess of this movie. In Closing: - Babe was way better.

Knox M (gb) wrote: Kubrick's FULL METAL JACKET is one of the best war films ever made, even if its first half could have been cut entirely.

Ray J (au) wrote: This one from the 80's is well worth seeing again.Gossett was terrific.

Trapthony C (jp) wrote: What another person said: It seems easy to forget that in the early days of Home Video, Sho Kosugi was very much a celebrity, making Ninja-themed movies like this. The plot is a revenge story, but the idea of Kosugi as a ninja who has hidden away his identity as such brings the film to a super-hero level as we have this man who is, along with his family harassed here in the Good Old U.S.A. because they bought a shop in an old building where some theives had hidden their loot. The action sequences are fascinating, a few interesting ninja techniques are shown and the fighting is fast and furious. Kosugi does not have the acting range, it seems, to handle heavier dramas, but he is ideally suited to the unique 80s genre of "Ninja Flick". Highly recommended. Not recommended to those fed a steady diet of computer generated "special effects" and cannot remember a time when athletic ability was required to nake a martial arts movie.

Andrew U (kr) wrote: Laugh-until-it-hurts funny.

Bryan M (jp) wrote: Well-acted take on the oft-filmed character, played most recently by Golden Globe winner Robert Downey, Jr. This one features the recently Oscar-nominated Christopher Plummer ("The Last Station") as Holmes and veteran actor James Mason ("A Star is Born") as Dr. Watson. Suitably dark compelling mystery involves the Jack the Ripper killings, and the unraveling of a conspiracy. Also features solid work by John Gielgud and Donald Sutherland.

Diana W (es) wrote: has it but haven't watched it

Sarah H (br) wrote: i loved it right up to the end i am so use to rex getting the girl in the end !

Michael H (br) wrote: A surprising lost classic, nothing like what you would expect from Capra. The nightmare scene is the standout moment, but the film's climax is also an amazing piece of filmmaking.

Emily H (ag) wrote: An offbeat kind of a movie. With an interesting plot the movie delivers suspense all through out. It consistently makes you guessing what's going to happen. There's great acting and great cinematography. It goes very in depth with details. Keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Dan M (kr) wrote: When James Bond meets the absurdity of Freddy Got Fingered, this is pretty much what you get. With scenes involving Harry Potter getting AIDS from blood splatter due to a gun shot from someone else, the two main characters hiding out in an elephants va-jay jay followed by a crude up close(and fake as hell) shot of elephant sex, and a scene involving sucking poison out of a guys ball sack.. you know this movie is not going to win any awards anytime soon.. unless it's the Razzie Award for Worst Movie of the Decade. Absolutely horrible. I'd give it 0 stars if I could.