The Girl from the Third Row

The Girl from the Third Row

A ring passes between a lot of different people, giving the bearer or someone close a new meaning to life. Actors, embezzlers, old ladies and cheated husbands all seem to gain temporary hope from misery and disillusionment.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:vaudeville,   nurse,   ring,  

Is man's existence really meaningful and hopeful? As a reply to Ingmar Bergman's Prison (1949), this movie claims that it is. A ring passes between a lot of different people, giving the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (au) wrote: Something is missing in this thriller. The story is not developed and the directing is not something you will miss.

Kevin G (br) wrote: With a decent rating and a decent trailer I expected more from this movie. What you get is a good idea that falls flat on it's face. The characters aren't interesting and I felt like the writer watched a few Twilight Zone episodes and then thought that qualified them as a film writer. Ridiculous things happen without any explanation and the characters just bumble around looking as lost as the viewer is. The filming felt like I was watching something on the Hallmark channel.

anders k (ag) wrote: This movie investigates the freak occurrence of the cult following of a terrible movie troll 2. I highly advice that you see troll 2 before the documentary.

Michael S (ru) wrote: It looks awful, like it had the budget of a cheap porno. The jokes are awful, like those out of a cheap porno. The acting is awful, like what you'd find in a cheap porno. Instead of a campy, guilty pleasure you get just an awful film.

Sapphire W (ag) wrote: A doco on life as a GLBTT in the bible belt. Very interesting and at times funny look at one of the hardest places to be GLBTT in the western world.

Curtis P (au) wrote: want to see it again

n b (it) wrote: Anjelica Huston is Hollywod royalty!her performaces are most memorable, specialy this one

Brent S (ca) wrote: Ron Shelton is one of the finest creators of "adult" romance in film. It's no coincidence that he is also the best writer/director of sports films. For Shelton, mature romance IS a sport, an arena of give and take, success and defeat, wins and losses. This is perfectly balanced in his greatest film, "Bull Durham", where kevin costner's aging catcher and Susan Sarandon's long in the tooth groupie keep the ball in play. There are no anxiety ridden twenty-year olds in Shelton's pictures. Everybody knows their role, they understand that finally, men and women are on different teams and damned if that isn't what makes it worth playing..."Blaze" isn't Shelton at his best, that would be "Durham" and "Tin cup" and "Cobb" but I'll gladly accept one bad game from a guy who understands it's a long, strange season and it's only the final score that really counts.

Van R (ag) wrote: "A Night to Remember" director Roy Ward Baker made the best Christopher Lee vampire sequel with "Scars of Dracula," and Dracula's custodian with one fuzzy eyebrow (Patrick Troughton of "Dr. Who" fame) bears most of those scars. Whether he wrote under his real name Anthony Hinds or his pseudonym John Elder, Hinds/Elder penned a screenplay far more ambitious than ever with an opening gambit that could easily have served as the entire movie. A vampire has killed a farmer's daughter. The enraged villagers assemble, attack Dracula's castle, and set fire to it. When they return triumphantly from their mission, they discover that the rest of the villagers, who had gathered in the church, lie dead and blood-stained. Mind you, despite the cheesy bat attack, "Scars of Dracula" is the bloodiest Hammer film. Moreover, "Scars of Dracula" was the first to receive an R-rating in the United States. Dracula punishes his caretaker by applying the red-hot blade of a sword to his back. Further, the caretaker accepts his punishment as if he approved of being punished. Can we say masochism? Of course, the bats are hopelessly phonies. Nevertheless, the scene where the bats maul the priest's face in the church is terrific. This alone should have added the film to the video nasties list in Great Britain. Indeed, "Scars of Dracula" is the most supernatural of the "Dracula" franchise. Ultimately, it is the one "Dracula" film from Hammer where the Count gets more screen time than usual. He also has an interesting death scene that suggests greater powers were at work to vanquish him because mere mortals could not. Inevitably, this quasi-invincibility adds stature to Christopher Lee's immortal creation.The resurrection scene in "Scars of Dracula" has got to be the most outrageous of the franchise. A blood-dripping vampire bat shows up (whether by devilish designs or otherwise we never learn) at the place where Dracula died in "Taste the Blood of Dracula" and pukes blood on the Count's remains. Presto, Count Dracula is reconstituted into an immaculate Christopher Lee. Let the blood-sucking begin! Meanwhile, a carefree young Lothario, Paul Carlson (Christopher Matthews of "Scream and Scream Again"), finds himself fleeing from the Burgomaster (Bob Todd of "Burke & Hare") because the Burgomaster's daughter, Alice (Delia Lindsay of "The Devil's Widow"), has accused him of wantonly having his way with her. Alice runs around with a bed sheet concealing her breasts and vagina. However, she cavorts about with her plucky buttocks bare for all-to-see in two shots as she leaves a room and romps up some stairs. The Burgomaster's men pursue Paul and he makes a momentary appearance at birthday party for a girlfriend, Sarah, and then leaps from a high window into a stagecoach that takes him off deep stumbles into the woods. Paul has no luck finding anybody who will take him in. Predictably, things get worse. Eventually, he takes refuge at the worst place imaginable--Dracula's castle. Dracula is very civil to him when he arrives. What's more Dracula's dark-haired hostress decides to sleep with Paul. The Count catches them in the sack together and his rage at seeing what she had planned to do to Paul, i.e., bite him, promptly Dracula to stab her "Psycho" style repeatedly before he quenches his lust for her blood. This is the first time that Dracula has behaved in this fashion. In "Horror of Dracula," he drove a vampire woman from a man who she had want to sink her fangs into. Presumably, since she had slept with him, Dracula was punishing her for cheating on him. Eventually, Paul's brother Simon (Dennis Waterman of "Man in the Wilderness") sets out to find him with Sarah Framsen (Jenny Hanley of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") tagging along despite Simon's protests. Paul discovers Dracula's coffin in a room that has no door. Klove (Patrick Troughton) explains that the Master sleeps where nobody can get to him. Baker stages a neat scene where we see Dracula leaving through the window of his room and scaling the architecture to the windows above. Actually, Bram Stoker wrote about Dracula's ability to scale walls."Scars of Dracula" qualifies as one of the best of the Hammer "Dracula" films.

Steve S (au) wrote: Doris Day and James Garner make a nice couple, and anytime Arlene Francis shows up, there is magic. Too bad the film's ideas seem so out of place with what women's roles in the world was supposed to be. Carl Reiner, the comedy argues that it is wrong for a woman to want a life or career outside the home. It is interesting for its look at 1963 ideals, but it is sure uncomfortable to watch.

Michael H (nl) wrote: The legendary wordless heist is pretty good. The silence isn't driven by any need within the story for most of its duration, but it's cool nonetheless. The characters are well defined and the story plugs along well until the end with a final segment that doesn't fit the tone of the movie at all and seems stylistically out of place.

Ilsa L (es) wrote: Oh, so beautiful,sniff, pass me the tissues please!

Jay B (fr) wrote: There ARE a few missed opportunities, but Analyze This really is a fun outing and its stars work together hilariously.

Mariana M (de) wrote: Even as kid, after I saw this movie I felt like I'd been rip off and I didn't even pay.