The Girl Most Likely to...

The Girl Most Likely to...

An ugly girl undergoes plastic surgery and becomes beautiful. She then takes revenge on all the people who mistreated her when she was ugly.

An ugly girl undergoes plastic surgery and becomes beautiful. She then takes revenge on all the people who mistreated her when she was ugly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Girl Most Likely to... torrent reviews

Sue M (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie, could watch it again

F B (mx) wrote: A fairly entertaining buddy picture takes a turn for the worse when it becomes a potboiler revenge flick post-interval. Saif is, sadly, not up to the challenge. Even the third-act introduction of the impossibly sexy Vidyut Jamwal can't save it from being just an average action movie. Far from terrible, far from great.

Mitch L (gb) wrote: What a cute and funny movie!!! It was very well acted and I liked the story. About a guy that got cancer and only had a little bit of time to have a baby and the girl to have the baby with was right under his nose. I can't tell you the ending but I liked it!!

Raji K (ru) wrote: Tom Hanks stars, directs and co-writes Larry Crowne. Larry Crowne has just been laid off a Costco like establishment for lack of a college education, and finds himself in a mid-year crisis. He decides the only thing he can do is go back to college at a small community college where he meets a speech professor Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). She too finds herself in a mid year crisis, and the inevitable romances slowly starts to bud. Larry Crowne was quite a boring movie that featured poor side characters, lack of direction and little character development. Tom Hank's debut is quite disappointing and despite the cast, this movie can be easily missed.

Keith M (ag) wrote: better that the second but still the crocodile effects are bad again. A silly film full of stupid stuff.

Nicols L (it) wrote: un muy buen documental que reflexiona sobre los derechos de autor, el copyright, la propiedad intelectual y sus implicancias sobre el desarrollo de la cultura.

Daniel S (gb) wrote: After suffering through the poorly acted, obviously scripted first two acts, the third act stuns you. The last 20 minutes of the movie are just as strong as the first two acts are weak, which is saying a lot. The young actors death scene performance was powerful and touching, and the remainder of the film after that moment was heartwarming.

Le Wild P (fr) wrote: This is painstakingly awful. The special effects are horrifying (And not in the intended context), sound effects are of 'Troll 2' proportions and the set/costume designers vouch in first place for such careless indecent efforts.I couldn't make it past the venture that was Corey Feldman's unforgettably poor, cringe-inducing garbage reeking performance. This one can go to the dogs. Infact I believe it already has.

Matt L (kr) wrote: You've got to admit. This is a pretty intense ideal. What if? And John Cusack is such a good actor. He plays the part so well. You'll probably never hear about this movie from anyone, which is a shame, because it is really good.

Andruw F (kr) wrote: Very well acted and written, and is funny enough, and the direction seemed to be well, but you were mainly just watching the friends' great chemistry! Stifler was the best part, and thanks to fans saying that, they used him more in the sequels! This one is a little bit too sappy (and kind of romance genre) for my taste, but it's definitely not bad, and the laughs and performances make up for it. I'm very pleased that they add more comedy in the sequels. But this is still the best in the series, but not my favorite because it's not as funny as the sequels.

Ryan S (au) wrote: Dude Bra this movie sucks! We wach this one at a crappt movie marathon. It fit well into the criteria.

Francis P (de) wrote: Trouver a bon pour le temps, la scne des barbels est russie Viggo est jeune en kriss