The Girl with Nine Wigs

The Girl with Nine Wigs

The true story of a young woman whose lust for life means she is determined to be so very much more than just another cancer patient.

Heute bin ich blond (2013) is a tragicomedy directed by Marc Rothemund, which is based on the autobiographical bestseller "Heute bin ich blond: Das Mädchen mit den neun Perücken" (eng.: "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee R (de) wrote: Great. And yes, I watched it while on a flight from Charlotte.

Mei M (br) wrote: Not good.. not bad.. ok lah... :P

The Evansville Outcast Big Lee 1901 (us) wrote: I watched this movie last Saturday, "not from the beginning" on the Sci Fi channel, but I read some reviews that Danielle gets into a car crash and gets her friend killed, some people say it doesn't make scense, but the way I see it is that it's a foreshadow on how she was going to defeat the creature, I think I started at the part where those two hikers get killed, it was predictable on how they died, most people hated it when that Justin guy dies, I liked that part best, because I didn't see it coming, I thought he was just going to get hurt and fight the creature in the end, then the next moment there's his head on the shelf, even though this part's a ripoff of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I found it cool when the creature aranged the bodies at Danielle's kitchin table with Justin's head on the plate, especially after the bodies were buried, if they showed that College teacher getting killed, I missed it, right after Danielle meets him and gets the info on the creature, and reburies the bodies, I went out to get something to eat, and I got home to the part where Danielle and that other ranger are riding in the jeep and see that teacher's corpes standing in the road with a pole up his ass "or that's what it looked like" and then the creature flies by and drops another body on the other ranger, this movie maybe a ripoff of Texas Chainsaw and Jeepers Creepers and a few others I can't think of, but I did like it, which is why I give it fours stars instead of five

LaurieAnn P (br) wrote: Mandy Moore, eat your heart out! This movie totally kicks the crap out of A Walk to Remember.

Judith L (de) wrote: En oerhrt gripande film som inte lmnar ngn oberrd. Att det dessutom r en sann historia gr det hela nnu vrre.

Matt S (kr) wrote: This film has made history people, be prepare to watch one of the most funniest, ugliest, most poorly written and badly acted film to every date movie history! 0.1/10.0

Robert B (jp) wrote: Croupier (Mike Hodges, 1998)[originally posted 5Dec2001]It's hard to watch a Mike Hodges film and not expect Timothy Dalton to pop up somewhere and snarl "lying BITCH!" Yes, the man who gave us Flash Gordon is back. Not that he went anywhere; Hodges disappeared from Hollywood after Flash Gordon, but has kept playing around the edges, directing episodes of HBO's excellent anthology series The Hitchhiker, a few other made-for-TV flicks, and the odd big-screen indie offering (Black Rainbow, A Prayer for the Dying, et al). Hard to tell whether Croupier was meant as his way back into Hollywood or just another Black Rainbow. It ended up being neither, somehow, despite reams of praise from just about every major-league critic in the book.The story centers around Jack (Clive Owen, the driver in those BMW short films directed by big names), a writer struggling with his book and rapidly spending his advance. His father, a well-known gambler pulls a few strings and gets Jack a job as a croupier in a local casino. The job breaks Jack's writers' block, and he writes about (of course) his job and the odd characters he meets there, on both sides of the table. There's a bit more to the story than that, but given the film's pace and development, it's hard to say what without spoilers other than to say there's a thriller-type element to the film.I spent much of my time watching it wondering what about it, exactly, caused Roger Ebert to call it a godsend. Make no mistake, it's a quite good little film, does what it sets out to do with very little fuss, and gives American viewers ample opportunity to see more of Alex Kingston (Dr. Corday on ER) and Kate Hardie (Safe, The Krays), both of whom are so easy on the eyes it's almost criminal. Owen gives asmashing performance given that his role throughout most of the film is simply to react to what goes on around him; he never makes it boring, though, as a lesser actor might well have done. But it really is a minor film, one which in a year where more releases drew as much attention as the year's finest (Before Night Falls, Requiem for a Dream, et al.) would probably have been written off as an easy way to kill ninety minutes. And that's pretty much it; you can spend ninety minutes in many worse ways (e.g., Planet of the Apes, Scary Movie 2, Dude Where's My Car?...), but ultimately there's nothing here to have drawn the rain of praise this film received with its American release. ***

Shasta J (gb) wrote: johnny depp mostly nude? why not? and the obligatory boobs from the '80's!

neel p (us) wrote: hummmmmmmm! thinking about these movie right now???

Matthew B (fr) wrote: "Now you know how it feels to be the punchline". This horror flick is about a young man, his high school sweetheart and his ex-con brother embark on a road trip. After playing a cruel trick with the CB on truck driver "Rusty Nail", they finds themselves fighting for their lives against the psychotic trucker. I thought this movie was going to be bad with stupid and annoying characters and horrible writing but this movie didn't suck. I enjoyed this movie and I felt sorry for the tucker even when he did try to kill some people.

domenik d (kr) wrote: For such a good concept, this movie is just awful. It is truly gut wrenching to see good ideas spoiled by poor execution.

Elda R (ag) wrote: Sentimental, for all maths lovers. Loved the reference to 1729 'the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways'. This is the story about mathematician, and Jeremy Irons mispronounced Principia! Unforgivable!