The Girls

The Girls

A theater company rehearses Aristophanes play "Lysistrata" in which the Athenian women revolt to force the men to suspend the war and make peace. The three leading female actresses, Liz, Marianne and Gunilla, all live in humiliating circumstances to their men.

Three actresses prepare to go on the road in a theater production of Lysistrata, Aristophanes' classic comic play about women and war. As they re-assess and deal with the problems in their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Travis H (gb) wrote: Declaration of War is a love story, following two people named Romeo(Jrmie Elkam) and Juliette(Valerie Donzelli). Yet, this French film that was their entry in the Best Foreign Language award category, isn't the story of star crossed lovers fighting against a world hoping to keep them apart. It is a love story, but it's the love between two parents and their child, and their determination to form a united front against the terrible disease that threatens his life. Don't walk in thinking this is some weeper you'll need a healthy dose of Kleenex to get through. Humor, a touch of whimsy, and a whole lot of imagination are the weapons in this fight, making for one of the best and unique movie experiences of the year. After a brief and fateful courtship that the two assume will lead to disaster based on their names, a whirlwind romance follows captured in joyous moments at the amusement park, chasing one another through city streets, sucking in life at its fullest. Their relationship is taken to the next level with the birth of their son, Adam. This beautiful boy becomes the center of their world, the reason for their existence, yet unlike other films the love between the two parents never falters. It merely changes and grows into something more. Their world is flipped upside down as the ever watchful and worrisome Romeo begins to suspect something is wrong with their 18-month old boy, and soon their storybook romance becomes one of long hospital stays, grim faced doctors, and an uncertain future. To overcome it, and to keep their doting families from falling into disarray, Romeo and Juliette decide to form a united front against self pity and the destructiveness of doubt. Similar to the cancer comedy, 50/50, Declaration of War uses humor and a light-hearted touch to tackle what is usually depressing subject matter. Even as Romeo and Juliette go through some of their toughest, saddest moments, we see them make time to have fun, not just for themselves but with their son. They dance through the hospital hallways, sneak off to the beach, and share the occasional flirty wink. What brings the film together is the very personal nature of the story. Donzelli, who not only directed but co-wrote the script with Elkam, also shares a son with him who survived a bout with cancer. They bring something real to the story that most films of this nature simply can't match. In one of the film's most crucial and uplifting moments, at a time of despair Romeo asks "Why did this happen to us?" Juliette bolsters his spirits and ours with a knowing smile and simply says "Because we can overcome it".

Barbara J (it) wrote: We saw this movie on a plane trip, which is not the best place to watch a movie...and other than a little bit of a weak ending, this was a very good movie. Its a love story, and while some will say the girl is selfish, I think all will agree that we probably have had to face the same type of moments in our life, where we made a decision and wondered if it was the right choice. It is in Japanese with English subtitles..but if you want to watch something different...try this one out!

Sandra P (it) wrote: still creeps me up how idiotic the people back in the day were... Heart touching movie!

ReSsE W (es) wrote: tht's so funny..I love it..

The Critic (ag) wrote: Paris Leonti's debut feature film might not be original in any respect, but the director successfully takes a tried and true formula and makes it his own. Enhanced (not hindered) by its small budget, 'Daylight Robbery' is a consistently thrilling heist movie that provides some edge-of-the-seat tension, and could've benefited by more time devoted to fleshing out some of the characters. It is worth mentioning, however, that newcomer Robert Boulter (whose experience comes from some television work) steals the show. Unfairly annihilated by most critics, 'Daylight Robbery' is the perfect beer and pizza night movie.

Vince B (mx) wrote: Bad Science and stupid storyline are not hallmarks of a good movie. The technical details were written by a fourth grade science class. Read a book instead.

Samuel R (jp) wrote: Helped me understand a lot about certain mentalities in the States, all without being too heavy and using Michael Moore's trademark sarcasm to lighten up things a bit.

Chris S (au) wrote: Kevin Sorbo, no shirt, need I say more.

Eric H (br) wrote: I had not seen this movie in a few years. From the first scene I immediately knew why I was drawn to see it again. Just an all around great flick that never lets your attention go.

Private U (fr) wrote: A fnatastic movie revealing an insight into those with Bipolad Disorder, warm and informative. Starring Kathy Burke and Elizabeth Perkins (that bitch next door in Weeds XD)

Philip M (gb) wrote: Loved it!!!! This movies is my life LOL. The main reason i love this movie is because i identify with it. I believe the show has a great blend of over the top humor and an enduring quality to Barry and Mel's relationship. They may have been obnoxious to others but they were perfect for each other. If you are the kind of person who is irritated by "Barrys" (people lacking Couth) you may not like this movie. However if you can identify with this movie then your probably a "Barry" and loved it.

Ben L (ca) wrote: I'm not going to waste much of your time with a long review here, mostly because I have no idea what was going on in this movie. Syriana is like an impenetrable mystery made up of countless little scenes that seemingly have no connection to one another. I appreciate films that find a way to limit expository dialogue as much as the next guy, but I feel like perhaps a moment or two to explain what is going on might make this enigma somewhat decipherable. You can't really complain about any of the acting performances, because I think they do just fine with what they are given, I just wish I understood what they were given. It's not often that a movie makes me feel dumb, but Syriana was very successful at that. I'm sure there's some deep geopolitical plot that has a lot to say about our world and the people who run it, and with multiple views you could unravel all the threads and have a solid story. However I see no reason to ever delve into this movie again to do that research considering the fact that it is shockingly boring. If a movie is this incoherent the least it could manage is to be exciting, instead looking further into this movie would be too much like work. I don't even connect with any of the characters, perhaps because I have no idea who they are, so there's no way for me to get emotionally invested. I'm delighted for those who can enjoy a film like Syriana, you are probably smarter than I am, just don't ask me to watch it with you.