The Gits

The Gits

The story of the promising, underground Seattle band, The Gits. Fronted by charismatic vocalist, Mia Zapata, and poised to explode onto the national music scene, a stranger came in and took it all away. A decade later, the legacy lives on.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   band,   interview,  

The story of the promising, underground Seattle band, The Gits. Fronted by charismatic vocalist, Mia Zapata, and poised to explode onto the national music scene, a stranger came in and took it all away. A decade later, the legacy lives on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DC F (mx) wrote: A slightly weaker sequel, but I give points for immediate continuation and newer story. This franchise could easily turn into a really successful series if producers played it right, but they probably won't.

Luke G (mx) wrote: Interesting in parts but briefly covers too much in 99 mins.

Renee R (ag) wrote: The joys of getting the family together to for a funeral! hahaha!!!

Leo S (ca) wrote: Not theatre, not a documentary, and not a regular film, but a powerful hybrid.

Robin B (us) wrote: I totally loved this movie. The story was sweet and magical, and the acting was great.

Lance D (mx) wrote: Shot here in Putty Hill, the story centers around a family dealing with a loss of one of its younger members. It is interesting take on a community close to home and it really captures an era, a family, a way of life. Amazing also that most of the film was ad-lib! However, I felt the use of documentary interviews should have kept its mistique or continued througout the film. Becomes quite repetitive and long at certain points in the film.

Mark T (mx) wrote: Well made movie. Good story and action. Worth seeing.

Damir A (fr) wrote: Absolutely fucking dreadful. The 2nd worst movie I have ever watched. And I have seen a lot!

Lau H (ag) wrote: Hard Candy is so terrifying, my balls were shrink when watching. Ellen Page had an incredible performance in this movie.

Tino P (kr) wrote: Don't expect this stylin' movie to weave more than a few giggles.

Patti F (jp) wrote: Woody Allen fascinates me. His neuroses and tics annoy me and yet I'm often challenged by his work to think of current events or politics in different ways. He sucks me in despite my aversion to him. So I found this movie most satisfying. It's populated with so many characters, both known to Harry from his everyday life and created by him in his writing.These characters mostly seek to dig up the dirt and call him out on all of his BS. Since that's the kind of thing I think should happen to Woody Allen more often it was highly satisfying. It went on too long and rather overstayed its welcome but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Eric M (ru) wrote: "Torn Curtain" is an underrated spy thriller from Alfred Hitchcock which, while certainly a minor entry into his canon, is still worth a viewing or two. The first half intrigue is phenomenal, full of both moral and plot questions, and early scenes are rife with tension and uneasiness. Unfortunately Hitchcock tips his narrative hand a bit too early, which makes the middle of the film feel more like a placeholder than it ought, but a few tense setpieces at the end (a chilling ballet sequence in particular, which instills a shocking amount of dread) helps redeem the film. Paul Newman and Julie Andrews are an appealing lead pair as well. "Torn Curtain" will attract even more critical interest, however, when taken as a deconstruction of frivolous spy thrillers like James Bond. "Torn Curtain" is the polar opposite of glamorized espionage films, in which a man's love is sucked into his secret life, killing on the field is horrific and scarring, and the job itself consists primarily of running and hiding, rather than shooting and chasing. The film gains a lot more weight when considered as such, and the under-explored setting makes for a fascinating, if flawed, picture.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Rod Steiger is amazing in this film directed by Sidney Lumet about a concentration camp survivor who works as a Pawnbroker in New York. While I could have done without parts of the storyline, such as the entire Jesus and Rodriguez storyline, Steiger is the real reason to see this film (it's crazy that just two years later he stars in In the Heat of the Night). The other actors were good, I just wish it had a better script.

Aj V (ag) wrote: You know how it will end just by reading the title, but this is a funny and entertaining movie with a great cast, so it's worth seeing.

Steve D (gb) wrote: Nothing but a common slasher. Why did they change this movie from the original. I wanted more plot. Not as much a remake as a waist of time

Darren H (fr) wrote: DePalma takes a break from Hitchcock and dabbles in Kurosawa with this Rashomon-like thriller.

Ola G (us) wrote: College art history professor Dr. Jonathan Hemlock (Clint Eastwood) is a retired government assassin who performed "sanctions", a euphemism for officially approved killings. He also has a reputation as one of the world's top mountaineers. During his career with a secret government agency called "C2", Hemlock amassed a private collection of 21 masterpiece paintings, paid for from earnings from his previous sanctions. The director of C2, Mr. Dragon (Thayer David), is an albino ex-Nazi confined to semi-darkness and kept alive by blood transfusions. He has an uncouth, inept aide, Pope (Gregory Walcott), whom Hemlock can't stand. Dragon wants Hemlock to kill two men responsible for the death of another government agent, code name Wormwood. Insisting he is retired, Hemlock refuses until Dragon threatens to expose Hemlock's art collection to the IRS. Hemlock then agrees, travels to Zurich, and carries out the first sanction for $20,000, twice his usual fee, plus a letter guaranteeing no trouble from the IRS. Returning from Europe, Hemlock meets C2 courier Jemima Brown (Vonetta McGee), who seduces him, then steals his money and IRS exemption letter. Dragon agrees to return them if Hemlock completes another assassination. Hemlock learns the murdered C2 agent, Wormwood, was in fact his old friend Henri Baq (Frank Redmond), who once saved Hemlock's life. He then demands $100,000 plus expenses. Hemlock is particularly qualified because the target is a member of an international mountain climbing team which, in the summer, will ascend the north face of the treacherous Eiger in Switzerland. It is arranged for Hemlock to be the American member of the team. He must kill one of the climbers. C2 is unsure of the target's identity, and Hemlock is only told that the man walks with a limp..."The Eiger Sanction" received varying reviews on its release in May 1975. The New York Times said, ""The Eiger Sanction" is a long, foolish but never boring suspense melodrama." Joy Gould Boyum of the The Wall Street Journal remarked, "The film situates villainy in homosexuals and physically disabled men." The film was a commercial failure, taking $23.8 million at the box office. Eastwood blamed the production company for poor earnings and publicly left Universal Studios. Clint Eastwood did all of his own stunts, including the scene where he cuts his safety line over a drop of at least one thousand feet. The only stunt he did not perform was a 2500-foot drop, for which a dummy was used. Clint Eastwood went on a three-day climbing course in Yosemite National Park, then practiced at home for several months. In between westerns and cop movies such as "Dirty Harry" , Eastwood made "The Eiger Sanction" and it feels lost in a way. I have seen most Clint Eastwood movies, but "The Eiger Sanction" has passed my radar and its not until now I got to see it. I reckon the action and suspense, high risk mountain climbing and tongue in cheek dialogue doesnt fully match, and the acting is not 100% during the running time, but I did enjoy it. The climbing scenes are of high standard and I do like Eastwoods sense of using the camera and theres plenty of great sceneries from both Arizona and Switzerland. Jack Cassidys Miles Mellough stands out, George Kennedy is his usual self as Ben Bowman and Vonetta McGee is just fantastically lovely as Jemima Brown. She lights up the whole screen with her presence and beauty. Its not Eastwoods best movie, but good enough for an evening infront of the tv.