The Gladiator

The Gladiator

A man returns to college and is talked into joining he football team and is a real joke on the team, until he is given a drug that gives him super strength.

A man returns to college and is talked into joining he football team and is a real joke on the team, until he is given a drug that gives him super strength. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfred S (es) wrote: This was one of the best sports documentaries I've ever seen. Anyone who is a fan of tennis MUST watch this, regardless of whether you're a fan of the Williams sisters. The old footage and the behind-the-scenes footage were fascinating.

alan j (it) wrote: nice chinese twist on infidelity theme, acting is good and has some nice comedic touches...this is light fare for sure, but entertaining...

(de) wrote: low budget can make a scary movie better than expensive budget movie.

Carlos S (mx) wrote: I won't be shopping there anymore!!

Phil H (kr) wrote: Along the same kinda lines as 'The Football Factory' but nowhere near as gritty and in your face, this film suffers from a slight case of Hollywood glitz. Not just because Elijah Wood is in it, that is one reason of course, but the violence just seems more coordinated and setup, whilst the many British actors in the film all have rather hokey cockney accents which seem rather forced, some not all.The film centres around West Ham United Firm 'GSE: Green Street Elite' although the real firm is called 'ICF: Inner City Firm' and follows the guys around as they go to matches and plan on fights with rival firms. Nothing much different from other 'firm' flicks but the added plot of Yankee Wood who slowly fits in against his UK based sisters wishes and grows to enjoy the lifestyle.No one really that well known in the film accept Wood who is TOTALLY out of place in this type of flick but I guess that's the idea right. Only thing is you simply can't see Wood ever getting tough enough to do what he does in the film, never in a month of Sundays.Good entertainment but using allot of artistic license and second best to 'The Football Factory' and 'The Firm'...if your into these types of films.

Kavian U (nl) wrote: Though it's full of clichs and not very scary, the story is more interesting than most modern horror films.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Guy Ritchie's directorial and writer debut is a hilarious British movie that gets crazy and more crazy. The beginning wasn't interesting, but the movie made me forgive it when it gets to the middle and end. There's a lot of funny moments in it that's insane. The action is great, and the acting is really good. The characters are memorable, and the plot is really crazy, but doesn't make it out of connivence. I never seen this type of style before in a British movie, and makes Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels look like something Quentin Tarantino would do, which is not a bad thing.

Fredrik S (es) wrote: A moving depiction of the lowest of the low in the slum of Bombay. This films feels like a down-to-earth documentary, but is moving like a great drama. The fact that it was shot on location, using non-actors in many of the roles makes it even more touching.

Sutthirak P (jp) wrote: An Oscar-nominated Best Foreign Language Film from Canada told the story about a Hindu tradition of widows, religion & humanity, through the eyes of a visionary Indian female director. It's the third installment of her Elements Trilogy. A cast also did good jobs especially an angel, Lisa Ray, and Sarala. Before "Persepolis," we have the brave "Water" and I personally enjoyed it so much more.

Lee B (es) wrote: Christopher Lee is great in thisrather violent tale of Dracula.This scared me as a kid.....of course I was 5.....

Eric B (kr) wrote: Jean-Pierre Melville may have directed "Les Enfants Terribles," but the film has little to do with the later crime pictures that form his main legacy. The true auteur here is Jean Cocteau. He adapted the screenplay from his own book. He narrates. A few visual tricks bear his stamp, such as a dream sequence with backward motion, a mustached bust who seems to smirk at the action and a trademark shot where one character "floats" forward while the rest of the scene blurs behind him. Even the artistic, fluffed-up hairstyles suggest Cocteau's typical screen heroes.The story resembles a Shakespearian tragedy wherein all events feel more symbolic than realistic. Paul (Edouard Dermithe, whose career was almost nothing but Cocteau-related projects) and Elisabeth (Nicole Stephane) are same-aged siblings -- their characters seem about 17 years old. As the film opens, they have a sick mother and rely on a maid. Their relationship has a heavy incestuous undercurrent, and they sleep in the same room without concerns for modesty.While Paul is at school, his friend Dargelos (Renee Cosima, masquerading as a boy) hits him in the chest with a snowball. Paul collapses, bleeding from the mouth. The snowball seemingly contained a rock but, even so, it doesn't make sense that Paul is so grievously injured. Perhaps Dargelos's betrayal was the true wound.Paul is sent home to convalesce in bed, while Elisabeth tends to him. Here, we learn they're strangely fixated on what they call "the game." It is not well-explained, but apparently involves trying to top each other with harsh words and cruelty. Most of the film centers around their salty, self-involved interplay, and Elisabeth is such a loud, relentless shrew that many viewers may be turned off. Eventually, the pair's friends Gerard (Jacques Bernard) and Agathe (Cosima again, interestingly) become important figures in the psychological warfare. Elisabeth also marries a rich youth named Michael, who ensures that she and Paul can sustain their insular, pampered lifestyle. During the final act, the dialogue eerily echoes amid the giant halls of Michael's mansion -- which only adds to the film's dream-like atmosphere."Les Enfants Terrible" is consistently stylish and intriguing, and fans of Cocteau's Orpheus trilogy shouldn't overlook this less famous work. However, Cocteau is also responsible for the film's biggest flaw: His intrusive narration is grossly overused. Many quiet moments would be more evocative if the audience was left room for its own personal impressions.

Brant S (kr) wrote: It boggles my mind that someone could spend millions of dollars to make a movie about space and not be bothered to learn even the basics of space flight. Had the filmmakers had even a tenuous grasp of high school level physics it would have been a vast improvement. The acting just wasn't enough to compensate for the sheer stupidity of the story.

David B (au) wrote: Doug was in fucking Goon!