The Go-Between

The Go-Between

A tale of torrid and forbidden love between a couple in the English countryside.

Tale of torrid and forbidden love between Christie and Bates in the English countryside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan R (mx) wrote: I've wanted to watch this movie for years because I never understood what a weave was exactly. Now I do. And even though the film starts to wobble slightly about 2/3 through, Chris Rock is charasmatic enough to steady the ship.

Steve D (it) wrote: One of the most underrated action flicks in years very good cast take an interesting premise and run with it

cindy m (fr) wrote: not the best acting....but damn ! what a plot. muahhhhhh hhahaha

Private U (es) wrote: Ex-Cop. Ex-C.I.A. Ex-PLOSIVE! okay i've never seen this.

Sam D (ag) wrote: This may be my least favorite movie of the original trilogy but this is still a really great movie

Anthony V (ag) wrote: Okay sequel to Trancers.

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