The Go Getter

The Go Getter

Billy Austin served on the crew of the USN airship Macon until it crashed at sea during a storm. In the hospital, the captain has given him a watch with the motto of the crew 'It Shall Be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie C (es) wrote: cuenta la historia de un pueblo que se ve bajo la amenaza de una epidemia... historias de conspiracion que indagan en la teoria que en el petroleo de los aviones las empresas farmac (C)uticas han encontrado la mejor forma de propagar nuevos virus.pelcula de bajo presupuesto, trama inconclusa, malas actuaciones.

Patricia I (kr) wrote: I'm a huge horror fan, and I tend to watch most dvds I can get my hands on.This straight to DVD "prequel" of the original film should please most horror fans. It's not a great movie, and you'll likely forget it not long after watching, but it's entertaining enough if your expectations are low.It has good acting and a big-budget look. I didn't know much about the plot going in, so some of the twists towards the end were a little unexpected for me. It doesn't have much at all to do with the original Messengers.The plot is a little goofy. But I think it gives this B movie some of its charm.

Ransom P (gb) wrote: Fun story with wacky characters. The movie provides a feast for your eyes, making you hungrier at every scene. Very fun movie.

Tony M (jp) wrote: As a huge fan of The Beatles, I really wanted to see Backbeat. This is a good film that gives insight into the bands early years in Hamburg. I only give this flick 3 stars because it goes on too much about Stuart Sutcliffe who isn't that important in the overall story of The Beatles.

Demonic N (gb) wrote: This looks really crap.

Russ B (br) wrote: 1/13/2013: A pretty good movie. Not great, but pretty good. John Candy was his typical funny awkward self!

Ashley C (de) wrote: Although nothing else in the film rang any bells, the introductory shot of Neil Young (yep, that Neil Young, and in a non-musical role, no less) looked VERY familiar, and throughout the movie I kept wondering if I'd seen this before and forgotten about it.An eccentric little take-off on noir, too understated to be parody but too irreverent to be straight homage, this nonetheless existed quite comfortably in its own little tonal world. Initially, it looked as though we were being set up for a trite comedy of errors and while that aspect was present, it was mostly in the background and easily forgotten. Might be the second funniest use of the query, "What?!" in cinema.

Bill M (ag) wrote: Takes such a drastic turn that I wondered if the protagonist would awaken from a dream. It took 20 minutes before I fully accepted that I was still in "reality." I guess a lot of people felt that in the 60s.

Nicholas A (fr) wrote: Cinema's power to create and destroy immortalized perfectly.

Robert T (gb) wrote: Tarkovsky's graduating diploma film and a fascinating insight into his journeyman period. Ostensibly a 'small' story about the encounter of a young, gifted violin playing boy and a worker, this film introduces several of Tarkovsky's trademark visual and thematic motifs. He followed this with 'Ivan's Childhood', a dark and brooding movie which showed tremendous visual maturation and firmly established Tarkovsky as a world class film maker. My low rating for this movie reflects its position in the Tarkovsky canon rather than as a judgment as to its quality as a stand-alone movie.

Kevin L (nl) wrote: A gang of thieves gather at a safe house following a robbery, but a detective is on their trail.

Aaron G (br) wrote: Andrew Niccol delivers as he always does.

Khyle M (es) wrote: It was a fun movie! When it comes to telling a high school story, this would be a good bet!

Emod L (gb) wrote: 71%I dunno man, it's just one of those movies.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: A funny movie of a day and a life of these car-wash employees. (Ps: the title song isn't bad ether)