The God Who Wasn't There

The God Who Wasn't There

Did Jesus exist? This film starts with that question, then goes on to examine Christianity as a whole.

Did Jesus exist? This film starts with that question, then goes on to examine Christianity as a whole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The God Who Wasn't There torrent reviews

St A (br) wrote: Pretty much your typical sharksploitation flick (if that's even a genre), with rubbish acting (that's even worse when the film plays it straight) and lacking in plot. But the idea itself does lead to some funny death scenes.

Nicholas N (mx) wrote: Fast paced full action movie with little attention on the plod makes it an awesome film as paul walkers performance was also excellent

Ralph R (nl) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Monika A (fr) wrote: An excellent movie with a very unique animation style. It was very hard to find, but luckily they had it at my local video store on VHS and I managed to make a copy for myself.

Calvin R (es) wrote: Casino Royale is the best James Bond film I have ever seen. Danial Craig is a very handsome men, and his performance is great. The silly James films in the past is not in comparison to this. Excellent thrilling action.

Lee M (de) wrote: Though naive in certain respects, it's the understated charm of David and Lisa is what set the movie apart from so many other attempts at depicting the problems of the mentally ill.

Dominic M (jp) wrote: Good thriller, similar to Diabolique or Let's Scare Jessica To Death.

Kenny S (jp) wrote: Interesting sci-fi film. A bit preachy at times, and the acting can be stiff, and there is little emotion to latch onto, but the visuals are impressive for there time, much like Metropolis had visuals that are stunning for the silent era. The costumes are bad, but so are the ones in Star Wars quite often, so that's hard to insult in any sci-fi flick. Despite all the flaws, it is interesting for both its message, how it predicted some things right, and how it had some groundbreaking effects, even if they don't hold up today.

Becca A (kr) wrote: Experiences like this, however painful, are necessary and inevitable; without them, how can we know life?

Richard C (ru) wrote: Very nearly a perfect movie.

Vince N (kr) wrote: courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. M..R

Jonathan C (mx) wrote: Much of the same from the first, but a little more entertaining. Action a plenty. Probably the best of all the RE films, but that ain't saying much.

Chris H (ca) wrote: As a film, this movie has very good production value. Costumes, sets, and props all look great. The writing is subpar. The acting is worse, with the exception of Jason Isaacs who did very well. What really bothered me about this movie was it's effort to put the Confederacy in a positive, nonracist light. It tries to rewrite history and make the Virginia soldiers noble boys who help enslaved blacks whenever they can, and don't really like slavery. The Union is portrayed as a bunch of brutish, murderous incompetants. The movie begins with the Governor of Virginia Henry A. Wise taking his son to a slave auction to show his boy the evils of slavery. Later the boy is berated because his father opposed secession. That's great, there's only one problem. It isn't true. Governor Wise was a fierce advocate for secession and for his efforts he was awarded a generalship in Lee's army. That, in my mind, puts the integrity of the rest of this movie into question. Rewriting history like that isn't creative license, it is willful revisionism to mislead viewers. This movie is a solid advertisement for the Virginia Military Institute, but poor as a historical piece. It is Confederate propaganda 150 years after we should know better.