The Goddesses

The Goddesses

Psychiatrist lends her country house to patient, expecting she would repose. But she meets a neurotic former lover, and the psychiatrist gets so involved in the couple's problems that she ends up getting dependent of them.

Psychiatrist lends her country house to patient, expecting she would repose. But she meets a neurotic former lover, and the psychiatrist gets so involved in the couple's problems that she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph G (us) wrote: With all the build up this movie should have been a lot better.

Russ B (ca) wrote: 3/7/2013: A mildly entertaining flick. Not great or memorable, but worth watching if nothing else is available.

Yasmin E (ag) wrote: Yassss I watched all the twilights in one day ??? defo not obsessed

Courtney S (us) wrote: Wonderful tribute to a man of his times, a man of talent, absolutely shaped by the movements of the 1960s. A great time for people to get to know his music. I highly recommend (great soundtrack! ;)

Dimitar A (jp) wrote: Rob Schneider is always fun to watch

Dimitar K (gb) wrote: Weak and disappointing.

Matt B (gb) wrote: Thrillers don't get more riveting than Panic Room. Stylishly directed by David Fincher and featuring an excellent Jodie Foster, it truly pins you to your seat. Get ready!

Mark E (it) wrote: Only movie I've ever walked out on, well at least tried to. My ride was there so I was stuck with it. Pure torture.

Rashida C (au) wrote: Another pimp movie...these pimps were funny!

Veronique K (ca) wrote: "this property is condemned" would probably be the only romantic tale from tennesse williams with less dosage of cynicism and more of an elegy of yesterday's wine and roses, of course, also the fair youth permeated with fancies and wonderful perspective despite its predestination is ruin and decay. natalie wood plays alva starr, the glamour queen of a local boarding house with a nymphomaniac mother who literarily pimps her daughter to draw more business. and also a tomboyish sister who worships and idolizes her. regardless of the sordidness of her circumstances, alva beautifies the grim facts of life with her girlish imaginations, expecting the father who deserted the family would return to her bossom someday...then the arrival of one stranger owen(redford) from new orleans ignites her ablaze hope of escaping her blood-sucking leech-alike mother who simply uses her to get attention and money from men. unfortunately the mission of this attractive stranger is to terminate dreams, own legate is a railroad agent who dispatches the workers away for the company's demand. he sneers at alva for her lewdness and braggery, despising her for not refusing her despicable mother to assert herself, but secretly sympathizing with her unbearable state as a puppet of mama. their romantic bond would be the combination of reason and sentiments, drab realism stuck with magic wonders. alva is doomed because you cannot live on fancies and sheer romanticism while you have such a gruesome creature as a mom, why the mothers of tennesse williams' plays are the monstrous beings who devastate their seed's happiness to nuturize herself like an alien queen? mother is a like nightmarish creep who haunts our female protagonist around every corner, saboteuring her every chance of happiness, spitting at her dream pictures relentlessly, envious of her beauty which mother covets as an potential asset to drain. mother is the malicious villain within willaims' tales. eventually alva's sister wears her wretched torn scarlet gown stumbling upon the railroad tracks like a beggar fantasizing herself as a queen after alva dies of pneumonia, a grosteque irony in contrast of the glorious past, the colors of dreams faint as alva starr demises in solitude as the theme "wish me a rainbow" flows along like a funeral crooning tune. pure lyricism. (ps) edith head is in charge of wardrobe.

Lauren H (au) wrote: A very enjoyable piece of fluff with a great cast (O'Connor and Vera Ellen handle the dancing, Merman and Sanders the singing), good music (Irving Berlin), and lots of shininess. Merman walks off with every scene by sheer force of personality and windpipes. She's well-matched by a completely non-cynical Sanders, smiling more in one film than he does in his entire career up to this point. He also has one hell of a baritone. O'Connor gets some great dance numbers, including one where he smashes a xylophone with his taps. Only Vera-Ellen seems to be in a thankless role (she was never much of an actress, really), there to dance but prohibited from exercising the comic skills so well-displayed in 'White Christmas'. Lighter than air, but great fun.

James P (gb) wrote: That's right, brother! 3 stars for the theme song, 2 stars for Hulk Hogan, and minus 1 star for the movie put this at 4. What'cha gonna do?

Abbey W (ru) wrote: I have to say this movie is a huge disappointment. I LOVE this musical. In my opinion, it's one of the best ones out there because of its captivating story, it's gothic themes and Andre Lloyd Webber at his absolute best. So I have to wonder, what went wrong? A lot of the actors cannot sing, especially Rossum and Butler who are probably the most miscast actors ever, and this ruins the fantastic music. My biggest problem is the visual style. There is so much dark and gothic imagery you can get from this musical and this movie just looks TERRIBLE! That's probably the biggest sin since musicals probably more than any other genre depend the most on good production values. My advice, look up the 25th anniversary live performance at the Royal Albert Hall instead. Much better than this.

Keith E (jp) wrote: A British WWII with the stiffest upper lip I've ever experienced. Enjoyable yet perfunctory. Noel Coward is wonderful but terrifically miscast. A modest start for David Lean.

John N (it) wrote: Probably the saddest film in the history of American cinema. As Orson Welles put it, "That film would make a stone cry!"

Malea J (us) wrote: Highly underrated. A must-see for all horror fans and Lance Henriksen lovers.