The Godfather of Green Bay

The Godfather of Green Bay

Joe Keegan is the 'Rocky' of stand-up comedy. A fifteen-year comedy veteran who was pegged for stardom early on in his career but has blown every major audition he has ever had in legendary fashion. Fresh off a recent fiasco with a heckler that included a broken nose, Joe's friend Kenny tells him he can get them an audition for 'The Tonight Show' and that it's 'a can't miss.' The one catch is that it's at a roadside bar in tiny Pine Lake, Wisconsin, hometown of Tonight Show Talent scout, Harvey Skorik who never misses 'Rocktoberfest.' Having doubts but needing a break from L.A., Joe reluctantly agrees to go. Arriving in Wisconsin, Joe bombs his first night on stage when local emcee Dug sabotages him. Joe cannot get a break until he encounters his former high school English teacher, the beautiful Molly Mahoney who is also at a crossroads in her life.

Joe Keegan is the 'Rocky' of stand-up comedy. A fifteen-year comedy veteran who was pegged for stardom early on in his career but has blown every major audition he has ever had in legendary... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serina W (ca) wrote: One of Will Smith's best. A movie that truly touched my heart.

Randy P (us) wrote: The most graceful, and stunningly beautiful film I have ever seen! It is so pure and heartfelt and heart aching, that in the end you feel either a glass half empty or full. In other words you are angry that things weren't okay with the characters, or you find out there is hope for our poor Adele.

Kart O (ag) wrote: Epic fail, waste of time, the only movie in a last decade or more that i didn't bother to finish. Why isn't it possible to give 0 stars? Why is 0,5 stars the worst i can give? Cos it certainy don't deserve 0,5....

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Unusual animated film about the quest of a grandmother and her dog to rescue her grandson who was kidnapped by mafia during Tour de France for gambling purpose. Along they befriended an eccentric trio of aging Jazz musicians who helped them along the mission. Personally I didn't like the film, I thought it was rather dreadful and disturbing to watch. But i can see the appealing nature of the film in terms of the surrealism and unique style.

Tino P (de) wrote: Hedwig & the Angry Inch is great film-making with it's engrossing story, brilliant performance from John Cameron Mitchell and a fantastic soundtrack.

Frances H (fr) wrote: I saw this movie several years ago and,boy, was it chillingly thrilling. A really good ghost movie.

Shahriar A (gb) wrote: Typical Almodovar! It is said that through this film Almodovar started his maturity, and it shows. ALmodovar likes to make statements about his favorite subject - sex, love and corrupt human beings, and such statements are in abundance in this film. And his obsessive love with color Red is also pretty evident in the film. The highly unconventional love triangle based on guilt, insecurity, revenge and passion between Bardem, Francesca and Rabal is at the heart of this film. And Penelope plays a nice little cameo at the start of the film. Quirky but nice!

Joey T (us) wrote: One of my favorite horror movies of the 80's! It's unbelievable to me that this has such a low rating on here. Curse Of Chucky has an 80% critic rating and this gets 38%. What a joke.

Adam A (de) wrote: The most expressive and expansive foreign film I've ever seen. Plays like a string of short films, with an overarching plot about one woman's quest to create the perfect ramen. There is a moral/philosophical lesson after each scene, each and every one of them linked to that primal, uncontrollable need & love for food. I can only imagine how big of an impact this movie had at a time when film was just beginning to evolve.

Edith N (au) wrote: Bad Influences on One Another With things like this, movies based on true stories, I tend to look up details on Wikipedia if possible. I like knowing the details, you see. The problem with that is the well-established problem with the era of being able to just click on something to find more information. I discovered that, apparently, the hangman who killed her was himself famous, which I found surprising. Wikipedia presents us with a list of people he'd hanged. It is by necessity a partial one; it isn't even known for sure how many people he executed. The generally accepted number is over six hundred; he resigned about a year after the events of this story, and he would have been out of a job not long after that, because hanging in the United Kingdom only really lasted a little more than ten years longer, and that only vaguely. Apparently, he is said never to have spent a moment's regret on Ruth Ellis. Ruth (Miranda Richardson) was a poor, struggling single mother. She worked in a seedy nightclub, and it is more than implied that she did a little hooking on the side. It's not the life she would have chosen for herself, but it's not the life much of anyone would choose. She has an ardent admirer in Desmond Cussen (Ian Holm), and what with one thing and another, she manages to support herself and her son. (Naturally, the father is not in the picture.) One night, she meets David Blakeley (Rupert Everett), a young, rich, handsome race car driver. Or anyway his family is rich, and he's certainly raised to be upper class. However, he meets Ruth, and they become obsessed with one another. Desmond still very much wants Ruth to be his, and he's contributing more than a little to her upkeep, but Ruth can no longer imagine being with anyone but David. David, on the other hand, is a little more willing to consider marrying for money if it means he can keep racing his cars. All you need is a plot summary to see how this ends. As played by Richardson, Ruth is a silly, silly woman. She is quite obviously trying to pull off a Marilyn Monroe look, and she really seems to have the vapid nature to complete the image. She's been hardened by life some, or perhaps a lot. She isn't too dumb to know that David's parents aren't exactly going to fall all over themselves welcoming her into their family, though David quite clearly expects it. However, she really expects Desmond to keep supporting her. I think it's even said that he's paying for Andy (Matthew Carroll) to attend the boarding school that keeps him out of the picture for a large amount of the film. There is a bright brittleness to her. It sounds snobbish to say, but at least part of the problem is that she thinks she's better than her surroundings. It's not that I'm buying into the British class system, mind; it's that she isn't very bright and she doesn't think very clearly. She doesn't really think of making something of herself. She thinks of finding a man who will make something of himself and take care of her. Thus it is that the men are arguably ciphers. Each of them could well be aspects of what Ruth expects in a husband. She has a passionate lust for David. Perhaps it is love; arguably, it is mutual obsession. Either way, it is a flame to which both are drawn, both unaware of how it will only end in destruction. On the other hand, there is steady Desmond, who will be a provider and cater to her whims. David will take her to hotels and make love to her. Desmond will take her out with her son and help pay for her apartment. At that, they are more clearly drawn than any other woman in the film. Obviously, I cannot say this about the historical Ruth Ellis, but the fictional one seems to float in a world of her own imagining, and the people in it are just characters in her mental movie. The real problem comes when David stops reading his lines the way she wants him to. A lot of people are trying to have Ruth Ellis pardoned. There is, it seems, evidence that Desmond basically pointed her at David to have her kill his rival. If this is true, this doesn't mean she deserves a posthumous pardon. They say evidence exonerating her has come forward, but I've never really heard it specified what that evidence was. There are those who argue that she should have received a lesser sentence because hers was a crime of passion. If that's true, it's not made evident by the events in the movie. At least in my opinion. She goes looking for him on purpose. She is going to find David and kill him because of how she believes he's treated her. Yes, it is her passion that makes her kill him, but if we eliminated crimes of passion from serious punishment, that would make prosecuting murders a lot more difficult. Either way, Ruth Ellis ruined the lives of more than just David and herself. She had two children, for all only one is shown here. Her husband, for her divorce never came through, hanged himself three years after Ruth's death. Andy eventually killed himself as well. The saga of Ruth Ellis does not end where the movie does, with a woman alone on a dark London street.

devid s (de) wrote: It is probably the best Hindi comedy movie ever.. Very natural acting and loads of laughter every minute. Even better than half ticket and Gol Maal.

Grahame W (ru) wrote: From the moment Hoskins delivers his very well written and brilliantly delivered speech, as he does his best to sell the redevelopment project in the city to his potential American business partners, it all starts to go wrong for Harold Shand. This film predicted the boom that happened in Docklands during the 80's, and makes it appear like it was based on a true story. Which a lot of it almost certainly was. One of my top tenners!

Rhanda D (ag) wrote: You're probably not going to "enjoy" this film; it's just not built that way. Peter Watkins' dim view of a somewhat futuristic American society (futuristic for 1970, anyway) is designed to raise more questions than it answers. The characters are broadly drawn, the dialogue is improvised and frustratingly shallow at points and the audience is given very few people it cares to identify with. Still, the inherent metaphors and messages in "Punishment Park" are every bit as relevant today as they were in the tumultuous Vietnam era. I found this one to be quite powerful, and I'm no big fan of "hippies." It is absurdly, terrifyingly easy to draw parallels between the actions in this film and current events happening today, and the hopelessness and extreme viewpoints displayed by both the "right" and "left" sides are perhaps as apt now as they were in the early 1970s. Beautifully, starkly filmed and brimming with real, tense emotion, "Punishment Park" is one of the most subversive films I've ever seen, and that's a good thing.

Sanford R (mx) wrote: Way too freaky for me

Sheridan P (us) wrote: This WAS funny, but it's amazing how times have changed - I really struggled to find such an immature "grownup" man authentic.

Bruce B (fr) wrote: A great Black & White Suspense Film, I came upon it because its on a list of Ross Elliott Films, He doesn't play a big part, but the actors that do are great. Ann Sheridan is a doll. Her Husband is out walking the dog when he sees a Murder, but he goes into hiding because he knows the killer, and the killer is after him. The killer poses as a newspaper man who teams up with Ann to track down her husband, unknowing to Ann. Ann doesn?t like her husband much until she starts searching for him and finds out he truly loves her. Everything a Black & White Movie Should Be, 4 Stars and added to the collection. Should you rent it or Buy it, You better do one or the other you will not be sorry.

Antonio M (es) wrote: I thought The movie was pretty decent. Everybodies "sin" was kinda cliche, but then again it's kinda hard to be original in that sense. But it was entertaining none the less. Watched it all the way through in a single sitting without having to pause and see if the blasted thing was close to ending like most movies today. Go for it and don't try to read to far into it.