The Godless Girl

The Godless Girl

High school students led by the Girl and Boy turn from Christianity toward secret atheistic meetings. When a girl is accidentally killed by a stairway collapse, the Girl and Boy go to reform school where they are treated brutally.

High school students led by the Girl and Boy turn from Christianity toward secret atheistic meetings. When a girl is accidentally killed by a stairway collapse, the Girl and Boy go to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crystal W (ca) wrote: After watching this movie all i can think is . . .WTF ?!?!?!!

Kush S (br) wrote: Best Family comedy in a decade

Karan G (ag) wrote: i like this movie very much!!

May L (kr) wrote: Learn till the soil gets in your ears.

Private U (mx) wrote: Grayson is awesome..... such a talented actor!!!

Elodie L (ru) wrote: It isn't worth the first

Ellen M (it) wrote: as much as i love jack lemmon, i was a little disappointed with this film, it was a little slow to watch & depressing. i think it needed a little more detail, however, lemmon will always be one of the best in my eyes.

Karl L (ru) wrote: William Shakespeare's tragic "Hamlet" is my favorite play -- one of the most mysterious and open to interpretation of all time (and thus there have been and will be many different takes on it) -- and so I watch it with a closer eye than most. In this outing, what has been done with the meager stage is commendable -- particularly a black, mirror-titled floor that gives the room an unsettling feeling. The film does have a darker atmosphere than most filmed productions, which is a step in the right direction for once, and the effort is evidently there to make this likely dazzling stage production into a movie. However, as time begins to drag in the second half and we realize the director has no more cinematic tricks in store for us, the film starts to fail to translate, outstays its welcome. That's not to say director Gregory Doran does not come up with some unsettling images -- he's mostly helped from his cast I think. The action here pales in comparison to other filmed versions.Kenneth Branaugh's film suffered from many of the same problem, he did not re-imagine it for film so much as plop it on, this film makes some more interesting use of camera angles as well as the faces of the perfect cast. The performances are inspired and delicately nuanced. Polonius, Ophelia, Laertes are decent but the real find is the sweet-natured Horatio, one of the best we've had alongside one of the best Gertrudes (a little unsure of her new husband, devastated by the possibility of madness in her son, not the witch Hamlet makes her out to be, caring and sensible), the best Claudius and the ominous and ruthlessly haunting ghost father of Hamlet (both played by a masterful Patrick Stewart -- this is some of his strongest work an actor) who is so careful in how he acts he is virtually unreadable. What exactly does Claudius think? All of his actions have two layers and Stewart's performance can be considered from two perspectives at any moment. Then there's the eccentric/sardonic/neurotic Hamlet played by David Tennant -- an impressive, unforgettably inventive, high-wire performance that takes big risks but never steps wrong. His key is to make Hamlet an intellectual... but one that is also a bit of a Steve Coogan kook, perhaps too clever for his own good, or worse just weird. His turmoil comes from being bothered by ideas. This is much different and more playful than the spoiled rich emo mess Hamlet played by Ethan Hawke in a very fitting contemporary update of Hamlet and the raging, mother-loving nut that is Gibson's Hamlet. (Branaugh and Olivier just played themselves as Hamlet, neither performance intrigues me.) Tennant's may be the greatest yet.And this film gets much right where others have been too literal, simplistic or condescending towards the material. From beginning to end we can never be sure whether Claudius is guilty or not and though Hamlet seems to be spinning into lunacy there is a sort of genius to Tennant's work here that keeps us on the edge of the doubt: perhaps there is a method to Hamlet's madness? As for the Royal Shakespeare's Company approach to turning their expertly designed staged productions into films, it's not so much their budget that fell short, nor was it the considerable talent assembled, and certainly not a lack of intelligence in reading the play but maybe a lack of imagination in capturing it. Still, they wouldn't be the first to miss there, and this more complex and enigmatic "Hamlet" and Hamlet may be a sign of things to come.

Bradley W (fr) wrote: Patiently original, inaudibly nostalgic, but completely overrated. Watching Mason on screen is a dim but exceptionally unperceptive recasting of our own awkward acquaintances with growing up.

Brandon B (ca) wrote: I'm surprised by the negative reviews of this. I rather enjoyed it. Nice and quirky, just how I like it.

Morten L (au) wrote: Disappointing. Just saw it recently again for the first time since I was little and had good memories about it. Seems too much like a low budget film with way too many documentary clips.

Stefan G (jp) wrote: It would be rather convenient to think of this as like the film Ouija if you could actually stand to watch it, but you'd be getting hopes up way too much if you did. Witchboard is one of those films that sounds better at the start, but gets stupider as it progresses. The story itself can be taken a grain of salt (if mainly because it isn't too heavy-handed with its gimmicky concept), but what I don't like is that the writers introduce a character you might like, and a character you won't like, but kill off the better character while giving the stereotypical jerk a happy ending. That's not the only stupid decision the writers made, but it's certainly the most egregious one. The film's concept does get slightly more interesting after we're given a little more exposition into how communicating with the spirits is supposed to work, but it's quickly undone by a hackneyed fight scene, and an even stupider ending, complete with a blatant sequel hook that you may as well expect from a horror film. Of course, there are moments when the film creates something close to a legitimately spooky atmosphere, but the experience is ultimately soiled by a flimsily-written premise, questionable casting, and even worse acting.