The Gold Medal

The Gold Medal


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Gold Medal torrent reviews

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: This is by far one of the worst films I've seen, definitely the worst film this year. There were some good intentions but didn't execute well. Actors were terrible, definitely made the film "Scary" to watch, plot was non-existent, special effect was crap, you really can't see anything in the dark can you. The limited budget forbade the viewers to see the monster as a full. Everyone was reading lines, the lighting was used so badly it hurts my eyes. The setting didn't make any sense, why would someone put a bunch of weapons in a cellar?? The deaths were unsympathetic, the ending was random, I didn't bit my nails at all, checked my watch more than 30 times for sure. Trust me, this is a massive time waster, please don't bother getting this film.

Sam M (it) wrote: A wonderful demonstration of evolution at work and the instinctiveness of perpetuation of species.

Jimmy P (nl) wrote: Being a Essex Boy myself i had to see this movie. Based on a true story (i say based on as its a bit far off the truth). Some great acting from S Bean who plays the main hard man in this gangster movie that shows even gangsters get there comeuppances.

Kuljeet T (au) wrote: no film like this in indian film industry

Ville H (mx) wrote: Rock-elokuvien kliseet Kaurismen tyyliin.

Randy T (nl) wrote: I have an odd connection to Tough Enough. When I got out of the service in 1986 I went to work in Dallas. One of my coworkers was a big burly dude named Larry. When film crews came to town, as they often did, Larry would go down and line up to be an extra or walk-on. I asked him if it was ever worth the time and effort and he told me about the tiny, non-speaking role he had in this obscure film called 'Tough Enough'. I searched the video stores and found a copy to rent. If you freeze frame one of the fight scenes you can see Larry in the ring being defeated by another 'actor'. The next day at work Larry asked me what I thought. "It was cool to see you but the film wasn't all that great" I said. Larry didn't speak to me for weeks. Apparently I insulted his artistic integrity.

Brody M (ru) wrote: They definitely dont make Made For TV movies like they use to!!!

Anthony A (fr) wrote: A fairly entertaining Italian melodrama.

Karsh D (us) wrote: Barabbas struggles to come to terms with his x-factor style vote off with Jesus. Ends up being captured by the Romans and then has to face up to his beliefs as well as trying to stay alive. Another sweeping biblical epic.

Greg W (kr) wrote: good noirish crime dram

David B (ca) wrote: somewhat average, okay performances and the romance is decent enough, but it really drags quite a bit

Yvonne B (ca) wrote: This is just terrible..It started off OK with Airforce one flying through an electrical storm over the Bermuda triangle, then its all down hill from there. The acting is cringeworthy, and the CGI / special effects are laughable.

Phil H (nl) wrote: Set in the (then) crumbling future of 2007, why do all these poor adaptations get set in post apocalyptic futures where gangs roam the streets in outfits you wore under the age of 15?.Again your typical 90's trash that went straight to the video shop and didn't even pass go, its called 'Double Dragon' but bares no resemblance to the videogame what so ever accept for character names and the fact the brothers 'fight' against various punks.The film is pretty much like the first 'TMNT' film albeit a very bad version, its completely aimed at kids so everything is watered down to a babyish level which in turn comes off as hilarious. Like other kids action films of the time its all very colourful and quite imaginative but its so utterly pointless, action sequences are clearly added simply to make the film more 'exciting' when really you wouldn't miss them if they weren't there, point...less.All characters are totally cliched and all look ridiculous in their costumes/face paint, your typical post apocalyptic gangs of punks dressed in horribly retro 80/90's fashions. Robert Patrick must have suspected this was gonna be a big blockbuster otherwise I'm sure he wouldn't have signed on for this, mind you the casting of B-movie action star regular Dacascos should of given him a hint.This just feels completely not needed, no point in creating it in the slightest. Its like they have a videogame that is/was popular so they just had to throw out a film of it no matter how it turned out, just to capitalise on the franchise, they just couldn't help themselves, and what has it achieved? absolutely zip.

Mark T (es) wrote: Simply put, the most romantic movie ever made.