The Golden Bowl

The Golden Bowl

An intricately plotted tale of thwarted love and betrayal, "The Golden Bowl" tells the story of an extravagantly rich American widower and his sheltered daughter, both of whom marry only to discover that their respective mates, a beautiful American expatriate and an impoverished Italian aristocrat, are entangled with one another in a romantic intrigue of seduction and deceit.

A man marries an heiress for her money even though he is actually in love with her friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rosanna Y (ca) wrote: a bit cringe worthy but in a good way

Raji K (es) wrote: Jackie Chan stars in the Spy Next Door. Chan is Bob Ho who is a secret agent for the Chinese Intelligence and CIA. He works with Colton James (Billy Ray Cyrus) and his boss Glaze (George Lopez). He decides to hang it up and retire so he can live a normal life with a woman he met next door to his undercover house. He does one last job to put together a criminal, and then takes on his toughest job yet, 3 kids. The three all hate him, but he does their best to earn their love and respect while the mother is on a trip. While he is watching them the criminal he just put away gets out and starts looking out for him and their family. He must keep the kids safe and make everything right again, and regain the trust of everyone.The Spy Next Door is a sub-par family action film. Chan who is getting older is not expected to do the stunts he did 20 years ago, but this family film is a step down for him. His movies have always had a weird comedic edge to it, but this one feels too much like a bad Disney movie. Many Chan films feature a stunt real during the ending credits, and this one features just lines that he screwed up. The film is quite cookie cutter, and although Chan has some stunts left in him, they are don't make up for the films hammy story.-3.19.2017

Rendan L (nl) wrote: A beautiful, disgusting, masterpiece sure to leave one with a sickening feeling in their stomach. Grade: A+

Ann Clari Y (ru) wrote: a story of teamwork and hope.

Mark D (fr) wrote: It was funny! Eddie Murphy's jokes and stunts he pulled were hilarious! The action was good as well.

(jp) wrote: I honestly found this movie a bit to childish and rather boring. It is a bit unconceivable that such a movie would have even been made.

Anna B (gb) wrote: This movie would have me believe that Becket and all the other clergy men are a pack of either sanctimonious (Becket) or corrupt (Pope, bishops, cardinals) scumbags. Also, I don't know whose fault it is, but whoever told Richard Burton not to have facial expressions at all should be punished. It was a terrible idea. The script was pretty bad, too. Peter O. had to act for 2, and act he did. He was delightfully hammy, and I learned to appreciate his liveliness early on. I won't dwell on the historical inaccuracies, but will say that no one treat Eleanor of Aquitaine like that and lives. Did like some of the costumes, though.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: A qualifying entry to the Disney sports hall of fame with uplifting spirits and highlighted performances. This particular sports film has the same spirits that Disney had used a lot and show that they have great tastes on picking worthy stories to share with their added magic. Now focusing on the very good actor Kurt Russell, this is probably his best yet (as far I know). (A)(Full review coming soon)

RiP M (nl) wrote: Visually ravishing interpretation of the classic text, but the sensuality is curiously reined in, almost ascetic and uncomfortably clinical. More art object than passion play.