The Golden Cauliflower Family Gets the Vote

The Golden Cauliflower Family Gets the Vote


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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The Golden Cauliflower Family Gets the Vote torrent reviews

Seardan D (br) wrote: Awesome movie. Can't wait to see the second.

Joshua D (ru) wrote: shows religious understanding and peace

Trey T (kr) wrote: I loved this movie. Funny people made me laugh and broke my heart. Its Adam Sandlers best performance to date. I find it to be very underrated.

Jeanette H (us) wrote: An entertaining, fast paced, well-acted absurd string of events without one clear topic.

Tami B (nl) wrote: Bad news is it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm still not sleepy...good news is that I find the oddest and best movies at that time.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Not as bad as I thought still pretty boring but some good bits, Not a must see, Don't know how the series has made so much money but they won't care.

David G (ru) wrote: interesting and gore

Kevin M (br) wrote: not as good as robot jox but still a fun old sci fi flix

JP W (mx) wrote: Far from perfect, but its cold dark heart is in the right place, and there are some moments of strikingly dark atmosphere & desolate scenic visuals. 'A' for effort, 'D' for execution. But if you know how much hell they went through on this shoot, it's amazing they were able to make a completed film at all.

Drew M (gb) wrote: kirk douglas kicking ass in color

Thomas P (us) wrote: Slyly stunning as a film by its bold, ingenious director, the challenges and limitations of the small space of a lifeboat are transcended by The Master here.Great performances are given too.Who knew that a cramped lifeboat could be such a rollercoaster ride?Classic.5 of 5


Barton F (au) wrote: Hard to explain this movie. A little Spike Lee'ish at moments and mildly disappointing when it appears to be just another love story wrapped around as many black actors as you could fit in one movie. But then again, what seems like it's faults end up being what saves it. I mean who wouldn't fall for a crying Rosario Dawson? Who doesn't want to watch Cedric The Entertainer bang two hookers? Who doesn't want to watch DMX sing "Smile" in jail? And that's what? A third of the memorable moments in this film?! Good effort by Rock and everyone involved.

Justin K (br) wrote: i'm only into the harmful stuff. KIDDING. geez