The Golden Fortress

The Golden Fortress

A young boy becomes a target for crooks, after he claims to remember his past life and mentions precious jewels in a golden fortress.

A young boy becomes a target for crooks, after he claims to remember his past life and mentions precious jewels in a golden fortress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikel K (kr) wrote: Very good little thriller which harkened back to both the original Straw Dogs as well as Eden Lake. Nice counter to a film like This is England or Tyrannosaur, which, while both excellent, try too hard to understand their scumbag characters. Well worth the watch.

Dan G (mx) wrote: nice characters,mood and tunes but sory was not worth the effort

Haley3 R (jp) wrote: OMG sooooo sad but really good!!!! unlike any other mormon movie I've ever seen!!!

Amy C (jp) wrote: I love Kji Yakusho, but this was a total dud. Hated this movie. Listless plot line with random events thrown in to try to create some sense that something was happening when it wasn't.

Philip R (au) wrote: We have all heard and seen Mafia movies that have become Hollywood classics: Francis Ford Coppola??s THE GODFATHER, and Martin Scorsese??s GOODFELLAS, CASINO, and THE DEPARTED. All those movies were serious and brutal films, but there??s one mob movie that will have you laughing out loud, and that movie is called ANALYZE THIS. Directed and co-writer of the screenplay by Harold Ramis (Caddyshack, Groundhog??s Day) and released in 1999, the film tells the story of Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro), a powerful New York City mob boss who suddenly starts having problems: a certain disability to kill people, anxiety attacks and reduces to tears because of problems from his past. He seeks for a shrink in the name of Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal), a family psychiatrist who also has problems of his own: his son keeps listening in to his sessions, while his patients are not-challenging enough and his upcoming second wedding to Laura MacNamara (Lisa Kudrow) in Miami. In just days before a big meeting with other mob bosses, Sobel must help Vitti resolve his emotional crisis and turn him into a happy, well-adjusted gangster, but it won??t go perfectly well. This film also stars Joe Vitrelli (Shallow Hal) as Vitti??s moronic henchman Jelly, Leo Rossi (1981??s Halloween II) as Vitti??s cousin Carlo Mangano, a special appearance by Molly Shannon (TV??s Saturday Night Live) as Sobel??s whining patient Caroline, and Chazz Palminteri, who was suggested by De Niro after having worked together in 1993??s A BRONX TALE, as Vitti??s long time rival: Young Turk boss Primo Sindone. I was close to seeing this movie in theaters when it came out that spring, but I never did. I can still remember my parents checking out show times, why we didn??t go remains a mystery to me. The scenes between De Niro and Crystal were hilarious to watch. These two guys were terrific together and it makes them a perfect odd couple between a mob boss and a psychiatrist. De Niro??s Paul Vitti is loosely inspired by real life mobster John Gotti, and De Niro??s collaborator Martin Scorsese was first approached to direct but turned it down to do BRINGING OUT THE DEAD instead. When it was released on March 5th, the film became a big commercial success by grossing over $117 million. It also received positive reviews, scoring a 67% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Kathryn Kinley of WPIX-TV/NEW YORK giving it four stars, the funniest comedy in a decade. The film spawned into a 2002 sequel, which I had the fortune to see with my family when I was fourteen, and it went on to gross over $55 million internationally and significantly less than the first one, which I prefer more than the sequel to tell you the truth. ANALYZE THIS is one of the greatest movies of all time and it??s a true favorite to all movie lovers, even if your either a DE NIRO fan, a CRYSTAL fan, or a gangster movie fan.

Knox M (de) wrote: This is the most genuinely absurd and dreadful adaptation of a game I've seen. Only worth seeing just to say "I've seen the Mario movie."

Charles S (mx) wrote: loved it as a kid but when I watch it now...holly crappy space movie.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Jonny, a working class fascist who likes to bach the heads of immigrants meets Omar, a childhood Pakistani friend. The two develop a love affair and run a launderette. Argubly the best film by Stephen Frears, whose unlikely tale of romance is perfectly representational of a rebellious and charismatic style in vogue at the time in which it was released. My Beautiful Launderette brims with creativity and charisma, aided by some great performances, including a notable early Daniel Day-Lewis one as a Billy Idol like punk who is as romantic as he is rebellious - much like the film itself.

Leonard D (ag) wrote: What the heck was so bad about this!?

Demetre R (gb) wrote: 8 love those dance movies. Pretty good flick. Creative styles!!!

Ryan C (nl) wrote: The first "horror" film I saw as a young child, "Jaws" was a major blockbuster with artful storytelling and pure thrills that remains one of the greatest and rememberable films ever made. The plot is moved along perfectly with just the right amount of pacing leaving very suspenseful moments of potential shark attacks. And of course, its biggest effect on the viewer is the next time they step into the ocean themselves and the very famous John Williams theme echoes in their head.

Brian K (jp) wrote: I can't believe I actually finished watching the movie.