The Golden Horde

The Golden Horde

The Princess of Samarkand and an English knight confront the armies of Genghis Khan.

The princess of Samarkand and an English knight confront the armies of Ghengis Khan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mj F (au) wrote: Good lead performance. If the movie had been properly edited, with much removed, it could have been a fine movie.

Samuel H (ca) wrote: Explosions and shooting make A Good Day To Die Hard enjoyable.

G S (ag) wrote: This was a cute spin off from Cocoon. It is a watch once movie.

Mike B (ru) wrote: While I enjoyed the first one, I wish they had stopped there. This installment doesn't cut it.

James M (fr) wrote: Its pacing and many other elements left much to be desired. Probably one of the worst movies I ever saw

April (it) wrote: Good light comedy. I saw this with a fair few friends so it obviously makes it more enjoyable. Its not too over-the-top like some comedies and would be a movie early - late teens would most enjoy.

Tatsuhito K (fr) wrote: I don't say this very often, but this film was ridiculously boring and highly overrated. I get that it is trying to make a statement about the nature of man, our primitive instincts, and how civilized men can be cruel and violent in a matter of seconds, but I don't think it works at all. The movie is full of narrative flaws and obvious technical mistakes, and because the characters were so bland, I was never engaged in the story. There are a few very effective scenes that truly disgust me, but for the most part I was just bored. It's a film in which 4 men go on a canoe trip, and some messed up stuff happens along the way. That's pretty much the summary of "Deliverance". A landmark film? I couldn't disagree more.

Andy F (ca) wrote: If you can get over the fact that 35 year old McQueen is supposed to be a young man (circa 21 I guess) who is also half Indian (McQueen is fair skinned and blond/fair haired), this isn't a bad Western adventure at all. The cast are fantastic and the plot although predictable is engaging. I guess this is McQueen's Cool Hand Luke moment.

Ted W (nl) wrote: some terrific dancing and moving songs, but I found the drama not up to the musical. McRae is a great singer, but he didn't have the chops to carry this slight story.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Well-directed and suspenseful throughout. A poor man Departed.

Allan C (ca) wrote: From the writer of "Kangaroo Jack" and your favorite WB stars of the 90s comes this CW-like riff on "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Okay, it's not that terrible, but it's not all that memorable either. James Marsden is the new kid in town and deals with the usual high school clicks, but one click of preppy pod people-like teens seems to mysteriously assimilate more and more students. Katie Holmes plays a bad girl on the outside of the preppy click, as well does Nick Stahl. You've also got a good supporting cast of older actors that includes Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood and William Sadler, but the film really doesn't have much on it's mind other than bland statements about conformity and does it without much wit or humor. See Robert Rodriguez's far superior "The Faculty" for a similarly themed film that was done with a lot more wit and smarts. I will say I did like the the little coda at the end of "Disturbing Behavior" which I suppose left it open for a sequel that thankfully never happened.