The Gong Show Movie

The Gong Show Movie

A week in the life of "The Gong Show" host and creator Chuck Barris.

The film shows a fictional week in the life of Chuck Barris as the host and creator of The Gong Show as he and his girlfriend seek relief from his show and its zany would-be contestants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Gong Show Movie torrent reviews

Jocey D (jp) wrote: Not bad. Tense moments. All for honour and country.

Vanessa R (de) wrote: this was a really good flick

Stacey R (kr) wrote: Awful movie that tried too hard to be artistic and deep - but was just bizarre, too long, too slow and awkward. Lots of gratuitous "artistic" camera shots with no relevance to the story. thank goodness I didn't pay to see this movie.

Rink S (ag) wrote: This documentation digs deep. For me it was quite tragic and depressing, not only because the photographer does focus only on the really cruel things and the most depressive emotions of the people (and "stalking" them to get close ups from their grieve), but also because the photographer himself does not reflect any of this emotions with his own body. He lives for making people feel those emotions that you will feel as well. I wonder if he really can feel that himself right now. Or if he is able to see a less depressive view on life and humans, if he can recognize love, happiness, or life and value this or if he did sacrifice that as well with his work. It is a very impressive movie and it are pictures that have to be seen. But for me it should not be to only thing you see..

Hayden H (es) wrote: I don't hate this movie, I just hate how it was performed. Nic Cage tries his best to be a good ghost rider but he can't do much with crappy ass villains. I mean this is the best you can do? Whatever man. I'll wait for marvel to finally give this a try."C"

Darby R (ca) wrote: Basically a half-assed, rushed repeat of the first Dirty Dozen (without all the character depth), this movie is basically a waste of time. By repeat, I REALLY MEAN repeat, especially for the first 30 minutes. One black guy. One guy who says only a general can pardon him. One crazy rapist/murderer. One guy who attacks Lee Marvin as he is walking out of his cell. One guy that gets shot in action for treachery. The list goes on. In all honesty, this movie isn't even really worth it. If you like The Dirty Dozen, just stick to the original.

Ron R (fr) wrote: A sad, disjointed excuse for a Jack Ryan movie.