The Good Guy

The Good Guy

Ambitious young Manhattanite and urban conservationist Beth (Bledel) wants it all: a good job, good friends, and a good guy to share the city with. Of course that last one is often the trickiest of all. Beth falls hard for Tommy (Porter), a sexy, young Wall Street hot-shot. But just as everything seems to be falling into place, complications arise in the form of Tommy's sensitive and handsome co-worker Daniel (Greenberg). Beth soon learns that the game of love in the big city is a lot like Wall Street -- high risk, high reward and everybody has an angle.

Beth (Alexis Bledel), an urban conservationist, wants it all: a good job, good friends, and a good guy to share her life and love of New York. Of course that last one is often the trickiest of all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Braden R (au) wrote: A great movie/story. No action, but a great deal of thinking and surprises! It reminded me of sitting around with family/friends, when a sudden turn in the conversation leads to a life changing moment, and nothing is the same ever again!

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Kris S (ru) wrote: based on a true story.. Krumholtz did a great job as the lead actor

Marilee A (jp) wrote: This didn't get high ratings,but I loved the dialogue

Christie B (mx) wrote: I love this movie, Colin and Matthew are amazing...

Marissa M (mx) wrote: I like Vampires. Weird I know. and this was a cool movie.

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Bill M (ca) wrote: I like writers who start their movies where others usually end (like this) or end their movies where others usually start (like Unbreakable)

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