The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

Marshal Flagg, an aging lawman about to be retired, hears that his old nemesis, the outlaw McKaye, is back in the area and planning a robbery. Riding out to hunt down McKaye, Flagg is captured by McKaye's gang and finds out that McKaye is no longer the leader of the gang, but is considered just an aging relic by the new leader, a youngster named Waco. Waco orders Mackaye to shoot Flagg, and when Mackaye refuses Waco abandons both of them. Flagg then takes Mackaye back to town only to find out that he has been "retired", and when he sees how clueless and incompetent the new marshal and the city fathers are, he persuades Mackaye that it is up to the two of them to stop Waco and his gang from ravaging the town.

Marshal Flagg, an aging lawman about to be retired, hears that his old nemesis, the outlaw McKaye, is back in the area and planning a robbery. Riding out to hunt down McKaye, Flagg is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudia G (gb) wrote: the mother was hit in the forehead at first and not from behind like they wanted to show at the movie end.

Peter O (ru) wrote: A truly great Aussie film!

Lalita F (ag) wrote: A mi mami le encanto :D

Michael S (it) wrote: A highly annoying "black comedy" that's not black enough (there's no edge to its nastiness) or funny enough (it's virtually laugh free).

Aaron G (gb) wrote: This movie feels like it did a line of cocaine before I hit PLAY, and I'm glad it did.

Arash X (au) wrote: Another extravagantly underrated film, Funny & fun, A wonderful satire & a pretty good comedy with great perfs, I still feel that I've rated it a bit low, Don't miss this movie

Jeffrey K (it) wrote: I know I know, but if one of these little brats screams "Yapple-Dapple" i am gettin the belt!

Eric L (jp) wrote: Rex Harrison invents RAP!!!!! Marni Nixon's voiceovers are magnificent...and oh, yeah, Audrey Hepburn's great too.

John B (us) wrote: Short but haunting. Potentially the most important documentary about the Holocaust filmed within that time period. A triumph for Resnais.

Zack B (ca) wrote: Ozu is usually a monumental bore for me. Is it because I'm American? Well, I love the films of Kurosawa, although many would argue that he's more Westernized then most Japanese filmmakers, and I can see the point. But what about Mizoguchi? Ugetsu is one of my favorite Japanese films. And Onibaba by Shindo and ESPECIALLY Harakiri by Kobayashi. Ozu's films are just as restrained as you can get. He uses static shots constantly. He has a distinctive style, but it's not all that exciting to me. Nevertheless, some of his films do have an emotional power to them, and Late Spring is one of them. For the first 45 minutes I was ready to tune out, feeling like I was in store for the same ol', same ol' when suddenly Somiya takes his daughter Noriko to the theater. For the entire start of the film, Noriko has this big, almost frighteningly intelligent grin on her face. When they go to the theater, the grin finally dissipates and she hangs her head. She knows she must move on and away from her father. It's a poignant moment and from then on I was intrigued and moved. This is one of Ozu's best.

Min R (us) wrote: Absolutely incredible. The mesmerizing beauty of Gene Tierney is unparalleled, imho. But she shows in this movie that she is one of the greatest actresses of all-time. I highly, highly recommend this movie. Especially if you like classics. If you don't like it, let me know.

Logan M (kr) wrote: The first of a few package films to come from wartime Disney, it's kind of forgettable overall, but does offer some slight amusement.

nipp s (ag) wrote: The final installment, I guess they were cranking these out a little to fast since it appears that fans at the time weren't into this one. Most people I know that made it past the shitty 3rd movie liked this one the best of the five (mine's the 4th) but yeah it's time to put humans in their proper place! Stupid fucking humans!

Anne E (ru) wrote: My Super Ex-Girlfriend stars an average man falling in love with a not so average woman. Day by day she saves the city of New York with her marvelous powers. She is able to transform from her boring self, Jenny Johnson, to the amazing and powerful G-girl.In the beginning of the film, Matt Saunders meets Jenny Johnson in the subway. The camera angle is down on Jenny making her look inferior and it?s up on Matt making him look very manly and masculine. He immediately is attracted to her and asks her out, she shuts him down; she is completely unfazed by him. After being shut down several times, Jenny finally agrees to go out with him after he rescues her purse from a thief. When he asks for her number she says no, due to her intense privacy issues. This leads to her getting his number instead. This is just a preview of how neurotic she is. In the museum scene, you see how she finally starts to fall for him, and she immediately calls him out for using his tongue wrong while they?re making out. She points out the minutest details as if they are a huge problem. This part of her only gets stronger and crazier throughout the film. Her true character starts to shine through the more Matt starts to test her.In the next portion of the movie she has several shots of her from below, making her look more intimidating. She starts becoming very aggressive and demanding of Matt. As they go on more dates, she has to leave because she must go be her alter ego, G-girl. Before Matt finds out who she really is, he starts getting frightened by how strong and scary she is becoming. She is nothing at all like the girl that he met on the subway. Jenny soon decides that Matt has earned the right to know her story of how she obtained her powers. This only drives Matt futher and further away. Initially, he is the one who is dying to be with her, and she is not really interested. In the end of the movie she is dying to be with him and he is completely not interested in being with her. Their roles in the relationship completely change. When you first meet Jenny she is sitting down and looking completely uninterested in him, she has her head in the newspaper. In the end of the movie, he is the one who is completely uninterested in her. The very first time you see G-girl she?s launching from the ground to the sky in a giant whirlwind, she lifts a black car into the sky with her strength in a black fashionable outfit. She is wearing a black beanie, black skirt, black blouse, black gloves, and high black stilettos. The last time you see G-girl she is wearing much more mature outfit. She is wearing a black suit, with black flats and her is down blowing in the wind. Her costume is opposite of how her character has progressed throughout the movie. She has gotten crazier and less mature and in the end her outfit is just the opposite.This movie is so interesting because it is so unique and unlike most classic super hero films. The only problem is that it was very poorly executed. You start with a classic super hero that has super strength, super hearing, and super vision. But there?s nothing classic about this movie. G-girl has a great sense of fashion so she never wears the same costume twice but that takes away a lot from the ?classic? superhero costume. Jenny is always wearing her G-girl costume, it lies hiding underneath her normal clothing at all times. G-girl is a very likable character for the most part, she uses her powers for the good of the world. Matt also is very likable, you see his interaction with women and his bad luck, time after time. His love interest goes back and forth between his coworker, Hannah, and G-girl throughout the entire movie. It?s almost too easy that he ends up with Hannah, the one who he thought was too good for him the entire movie.One of the highlights of this film, is its? ability to be versatile. You have parts of the classic superhero movie, a good amount of action, and of course a lot of romantic comedy. Having several genres in one movie makes it more enjoyable for a larger crowd.Although My Super Ex-girlfriend is not the best movie out there, it does have its? perks. The camera angles are great and add a lot to the characters as a whole. For example, the scene in the kitchen when Matt is trying to break up with Jenny but mostly the frightening G-girl, the camera is shot first at her chopping the vegetables frantically then pans up to her face with an upward shot of her holding the knife looking very intimidating. This perfectly captures why he is scared of her and why he wants to breakup with her. Within the next minute, the camera goes to a shot of Jenny starting bending the knife in half because of her frustration with Matt. These camera angles redeem parts of this film. A quality of a good actor is being able to play different roles in different movies, without a doubt Uma Thurman conquers this quest. She was fabulous in Kill Bill and played a very different role, and while she is also great in this movie, it?s the plot that is the problem. You see the transformation of G-girl throughout the movie, not only in her costumes but in her personality as well.

Mark S (de) wrote: A little seen but important film by director Elia Kazan. The story involves a situation where heartache must be caused to one person for the greater good of many. Montgomery Clift plays a Tennessee Valley Authority administrator who has to enforce the eviction of an old lady (Jo Van Fleet) from the land she has lived on all of her life, so that a new dam can be built on the Tennessee River. While there, Clift falls for the old lady's granddaughter (Lee Remick), but surprisingly, this love story doesn't feel tacked on to the film. Also covering some of the racial issues that were prevalent in the South during that period of time, Kazan produced a film that got its messages across before worrying about being entertaining. That could explain why so few people have seen it, but in 2002 it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."