The Good Life

The Good Life

A story about a mostly normal young man who makes the most out of fitting in when he obviously doesn't.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wig,   suicide,   old man,  

A young man (Webber) is encouraged by a new friend (Deschanel) to cope with living in a town where he doesn't necessarily fit in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (mx) wrote: Why not take things we have too much of. Movies about sharks, and movies about ghost. Then just combine them! Because it's dumb, that's why.

Wes T (mx) wrote: Think Like A Man Too gives us the usual Vegas and romcom cliches, but still manages to have a little fun along the way.

Gavin P (us) wrote: A misguided attempt to recreate 'Weekend At Bernie's' and cash in on Labine's 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil' success - unfortunately, it's no where near as good as the latter, or even the former! Says it's a "drama / action / comedy" - I'd say neither of the first two and only a little of the comedy. it tries, but ends up just being not funny or scary - both bad things for a black comedy. Ackerman was OK, but no real reasoning behind her slowly-revealed malevolence. Poor ending ending too.

Paul D (gb) wrote: I was actually really impressed with how good this was. My expectations were so low going into it, that it kind of surprised me. Dylan O'Brien has been great on Teen Wolf for years, so it was a matter of time until someone gave him a franchise to lead. I think he did great in this. Keep in mind that I have NOT read the book, so my review is based on the film alone. It still has a few slow parts though.

Jenny X (mx) wrote: badly acted by Jake McDorman in my opinion, as well as Agnes Bruckner. Just poorly filmed version of a reasonably interesting story.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: 4/5. Easily the best in the series. Fun deaths, decent characters, and an awesome twist, what more could you ask for?

Anthony W (jp) wrote: an idealistic student seeks to get into the mind of one of America's most infamous serial killers.

Ashanti S (kr) wrote: This movie was based on a true story. It was pretty good. Nicole Beharie is a pretty good actress, and would like to see her in more movies. The story was well written.

Tommy D (kr) wrote: Really interesting documentary about the sidewalk performers in Hollywood

Semmi A (jp) wrote: Small Soldiers on Netflix!!! Eff ya!

Roger G (es) wrote: 2 of 5 stars. There is a time in the acting career of good actors where they either don't know by reading a screenplay that the film will be weak, or due to their agent, they are willing to take a job knowing a script is weak, but thinking that they can "pull it out." Whatever the case may be with the good talent in this film, it is below par for their ability with a far too canned, predictable outcome. You can pass on seeing this one.

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