The Good Son

The Good Son

A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle, and befriends his cousin who's the same age. But his cousin begins showing increasing signs of psychotic behavior.

Mark, a young boy who loses his mother, must stay with his extended family while his father is away on business. There Mark befriends his cousin who's the same age and soon realizes his cousin begins showing increasing signs of violent behavior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura C (de) wrote: brilliant film. well recommend it. so funnny though. infestation of flesh eating slugs. loved the sound affects.

anders k (kr) wrote: This documentary is mainly about the level of interest a normal families life story can have. It's amazing really how they really just interviewed people on their account of the story. I highly recommend it.

Arseniy V (fr) wrote: Oh wow, this did not work for me at all.

jennifer r (it) wrote: it was a great movie

EvaLena I (gb) wrote: This is good but sad

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Nixon, while succeeding as a rather sympathetic character study of the man, drags on and on for over 3 hours without a moment of happiness or joy. It is a very depressing and sullen look at Nixon's life, even if the movie works on this angle. However, Hopkins' performance as well as the subtle nuances in the cinematography and the subliminal messages make it an important film to see, flaws and all.

Michael C (au) wrote: A old story retold again with solid action and great CG. Acting is a bit stiff but the setting and scenery are great.

Jim W (nl) wrote: Classical Haneke, reflective documental, precisely dramaticalization and mystically convincing.

Marta R (ru) wrote: Sad story, good movie.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Another De Palma masterpiece. Very Hitchcockian. Travolta is awesome in it. It was funny seeing Nancy Allen play such a ditz.

kyo 9 (us) wrote: Never thought Richard Gere could act like this in a movie!

Richard D (br) wrote: A slow burn of a 3 hour drama about the rise and fall of Barry. What makes this story unique are the qualities of Barry. He is not a hero or a villain, he's just a guy with faults. You are not meant to sympathize with him as he makes cowardly moves and cheats his way to success and then squanders it once he gains it. But in the end I think he realizes that he deserves it and that's something you rarely see.

Stuart M (jp) wrote: Under-rated gem with a stunning soundtrack - not a single dud song. A true classic!

Christopher E (gb) wrote: Great movie. Fast paced with a distinct style and flavour.

Augustine H (nl) wrote: James Dean is the everlasting symbol of rebel. Although it's clichd from today's point of view, we all share his qualities when we were young.

Tom F (br) wrote: About as bad as movies get.