The Good, the Bad, the Weird

The Good, the Bad, the Weird

The story of three Korean outlaws in 1930s Manchuria and their dealings with the Japanese army and Chinese and Russian bandits. The Good (a Bounty hunter), the Bad (a hitman), and the Weird (a thief) battle the army and the bandits in a race to use a treasure map to uncover the riches of legend.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:140 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Korean,Mandarin,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   robbery,  

In the desert wilderness in 1939, Park Chang-yi The Bad is hired to steal a treasure map from a Japanese offical traveling by train. Meanwhile, Yoon Tea-goo the Weird, who is a master thief, involves in the case and takes it before The Bad does. Park Do-won The Good, who is a bounty hunter, has a mission of stopping them and saving the treasure map. Involving in the chase are the Japanese Army and the Chinese bandits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don R (es) wrote: This was hilarious and reminded my of Lemony Snicket's cinematography and storytelling.

Michael H (ag) wrote: The images of the interior of the cave with its astonishing artwork are magical as presented in usually very effective 3D. A few of the interviews are useful and enlightening. Some of Herzog's own fanciful leaps, not so much. Fortunately, he stays out of the way most of the time and just lets us enjoy these cave paintings we're unlikely to ever see another way.

Moniky R (kr) wrote: 100% recommended, it makes you think what if it happens to you or your son/daughter?

Ed C (it) wrote: One line summary: The real and imagined problems of the upper crust in modern day Milan, Italy.-------------------- The Recchis are an Italian family based in Milan that is quite wealthy from Edoardo Sr's investments in the textile industry. Edoardo's son Tancredi married Emma, who was visiting Italy from Russia. Emma embraced Italian culture and reared Tancredi's son Edoardo Jr (Edo). Edo was a race car driver, and was also interested in starting a restaurant with his long time friend Antonio. As the film progresses, Emma organises dinners for important guests. Edo and Antonio move forward with the restaurant. Edo takes more control of the family business. The family decides to sell the business; this will make them even richer. Emma sees that she is attracted to Antonio; her marriage to Tancredi is depicted as cold from start to finish. Elisabetta (Emma's daughter, Edo's sister) tells Emma that she prefers women to men; this ends up having zero dramatic impact. So...will the sale of the textile plants go as planned to the group from India? Will Antonio and Edo get the restaurant going well? Will Emma's affair with Antonio torpedo everything?------Scores------ Cinematography: 10/10 Gorgeous, well-executed. Sound: 7/10 OK, I suppose. It did not seem to be a factor in the film. Much of the film is next to silent: footfalls, doors closing, other incidental sounds. Acting: 5/10 Most of the actors have talent, but I did not see much of that talent shine; the performances were dull, listless, uninteresting. Screenplay: 6/10 Long and slow with reasonable character development. Not much of a story was told, with zero characters that I cared about. The ending certainly reinforced that strongly.

Dale S (fr) wrote: Surprisingly cool little horror movie. More memorable and original than it's predecessors, honestly.

Mindy H (us) wrote: Think about much of your life isd determined by chance?

Ramnath K (kr) wrote: This Movie is quite good, with a storng story line, and cast of good characters. I would say it is worth watching.

Stephanie R (au) wrote: So many feels. I wasn't sure until the last half of the film, but in it's own strange way, it is uniquely beautiful if you give it a chance, and ignore the editing in some of the overused layered images.

Lori S (br) wrote: i saw the 2nd hour, which held my interest. i'm guessing the first hour is better.

Corey S (fr) wrote: THAT GUY CAME OUT OF THE FURNACE!!! That part was AMAZING!!

Bryan G (ca) wrote: [font=Courier New]Movies just don?t get any better than this. I?m usually a hard ass when it comes to movies. I usually don?t like movies like this, but after seeing it multiple times, I still find it among the greatest movies ever made![/font][font=Courier New] [/font][font=Courier New]The movie has a simple story that anyone can follow. After Fung Sheng Wu Chi, or the Blind Master, gets word that his two disciples are killed at the hands of the One-Armed Boxer, he seeks revenge. Any one armed man he comes across falls victim to his instrument of death? the FLYING GUILLOTINE![/font][font=Courier New] [/font][font=Courier New]All this leads to one of the greatest battles when the Blind master and the One-Armed Boxer finally meet head on. But the truly great part of this film is the tournament being held. There are some pretty cool fight scenes, as well as some awesome characters.[/font][font=Courier New] [/font][font=Courier New]This is a movie that I feel is almost impossible to hate. If you liked Kill Bill Vol. 1, then this movie is for you. If you are just a fan of martial arts flicks, the same goes for you![/font]

Michael K (es) wrote: In this one Bronson plays Jay Killon who is the bodyguard of the first lady.This one probably has not had a DVD release in Australia due to its political content in a pre 911 world.


Steve S (us) wrote: *** (out of four) Classic Lillian Hellman play that is a bit dated, but still packs a decent emotional punch. Paul Lukas and Bette Davis flee Europe as World War II progresses. He works in anti-fascist groups and it has been too dangerous to keep his wife and three children there. They move in with Davis' mother and brother in Washington D.C. where the family quickly learns that the enemies may be just as close as they were before. The Best Actor Oscar went to Lukas in a very meaningful performance. He helps lift the film even when it becomes filled a bit with propaganda-like sentiment.