The Goodbye Girl

The Goodbye Girl

Musical dancer on the way out (at 36) Paula McFadden had it swell with actor Tony DeSanti, but instead of taking her to Hollywood he gets a European movie part. He even sublets their (his) New York apartment to Elliot Garfield, who generously lets her stay, even keeping the master bedroom. Pragmatic pre-teen daughter Lucy soon takes to his charm, but Paula remains determined to hate all actors. Despite the stress of a Broadway Shakespeare lead he must play too queer for Frisco, he's determined to snatch romance from ingratitude.

Abandoned by her boyfriend, musical dancer on the way out (at 36) Paula McFadden (Patricia Heaton) and her daughter (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) temporarily share an apartment with an actor (Jeff Daniels). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne W (fr) wrote: totally enjoyed it~ this movie reflects those first loves from high school~ probably not everyone has the same ending, but it's warm-hearted watching this film.. also shows thai cultural differences..

Greg W (fr) wrote: no '4 weddings and a funeral' but still delightful brit ensemble pic

Vincent L (ca) wrote: It was alright but nothing to write home about. I was actually expecting something a bit funnier than this though. The 80's references are nice and I guess this movie is worth seeing just to have those flashbacks of when you were growing up.

Ryan D (es) wrote: Total piece of crap. Two dipshits are transported into Porno-world by a magic pornobooth. Sounds like a good premise, but didn't deliver on the gratuitous nudity it should have had.

Viridiana A (fr) wrote: Directed & Written beautifully!

Karen H (fr) wrote: 2016-04-29 hubby wanted to see it.

Rosa M (es) wrote: I really enjoyed JLo's Performance and the movie is worth watching!

Eric A (au) wrote: Just frightening enough with out being in your face. Propaganda, sure. But propaganda we need to listen to nonetheless.

JohnnyLee T (de) wrote: Incredible production values. Tobey Maquire holds everything together. Half an hour too long. Movie's premise not deep enough for 2 hours. Maybe it (the premise) needed to be expanded. David (Bud) hasn't come back to a better situation at the end. Why didn't I get emotionally involved with it all? There is confusion about what the coloration means - If it had a clearer meaning behind it, the coloration would have been more effective.

Inspired R (us) wrote: with house party 2 yiou can tell that the writers liked the origonal so much that they decided to change basically nothing about it for the sequel. one thing that is missing that was very important was the character Pops who in the first was in my opinion the funniest character. without Pops the movie doesnt get many intentional laughs, you do however laugh AT the movie throughout but not so much with it. everything here seems recycled. you get the house party with the girl guy dance off that looks exactly like the origonal. you have kid struggling to get his girl, you have free styles out of noweher like its nothing out of the ordinary, you have kids ahir, even the guy bumping the record table is the same, and you have the three antagonists along with almost every other character form before. once again however its the overall feel and personality of the movie that is entertaining. the clothes, culture, slang, and environment all mixed together seem to make the movie interesting and entertaining. they went out to make a comedy but instead made movie reminicent of the old days.

Nicole S (it) wrote: well as old timers go, this is a pretty good one, especialy Nick Cave in the Lone wolf!

Adrian F (jp) wrote: It's quality - worth about 1000 of any Adam Sandler movie.

Jag S (ca) wrote: I really wanna see this movie

Mandela W (mx) wrote: So this Outstanding Drama was well...Outstanding! It's a story that goes beyond just a battle for a house. It's about livelyhoods and when that gets stripped from you. For real grown adults this is relatable as some people do have this happen to them and its terrible when it does. Really liked the music score from janes horner may he rest in peace. Solid directing in here as well as interesting cinematography. There are many shots and imagery of mystifying fog and clouds making for quite a serene and even gloomy presence in this filmBen Kingsley is excellent here. It's interesting how he plays a guy that could have easily have been dubbed a dick or just a bad ol person and yet he is a good man who needs the house as much as Kathy does. Jennifer Connelly gives a great performance here too. as the film progresses we see more and more how emotionally fractured she is after losing her marriage and losing her house. Shoreh Aghadashloo also does a neat job here as the moral emotional tug at the heart for behrani. Ron eldrand's work was the only bad performance. He looked bored and non commited to this role. He barely changed facial expressions. He also was just reading the lines instead of saying the words of the character. Thank god Connelly and kingsley's experience overshadowed this terrible performance from this actor. the ending was quite suprising and that's were all performance shined the most.If you get the chance do check out this really great motion picture.