The Grand

The Grand

The Grand is in the tradition of improvisational comedies like Best In Show and This Is Spinal Tap. The story is set in the world of professional poker and follows six players who reach the final table of the world’s second most famous high stakes tournament, the Grand Championship of Poker.

An improvisational comedy using a handful of actors playing characters competing in an actual poker tournament. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esben M (nl) wrote: What a great film, and story.

Zaki R (it) wrote: Brilliant making except the gross ending...

johnny l (mx) wrote: never seen it yet but

David C (jp) wrote: Just watched this again 12 years after I first saw it and it was worth a second viewing. It's a great wee inter-cultural feel-good football movie with a fabulous cast, with some going on to much bigger (if not necessarily better) things. Yes it is predictable in places but it is carried off with such energy, humour and charm it doesn't matter. Even the inability of John Barnes to act doesn't spoil it.

Jesse P (us) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen.

Ian C (it) wrote: One of those rare occasions where the sequel is better than the original. Cub is the balls in this and is lethal in his wooden cart. The three brothers are clearly an influence on the cats in 'Big Trouble in Little China'. Some serious blood is shed and bit of a twitch off the female ninjas.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Hugely inferior sequel.

Alexandria M (kr) wrote: Not one of their greatest, but compared to most postmodern garbage still brilliant.I never tire of watching the boys around food.

Lane Z (ag) wrote: A little late to the game for this one, but on board no less, Juno is a fun and smart comedy written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman who has been attached in varying capacities to other top-notch films in the last 20 years.Ellen Page gives us a very honest interpretation of a young 16-year-old thrown into chaos when she finds out the only time she ends up having sex leads to pregnancy. So while the focus isn't so much on the occurrence of the act (they only use about 2 minutes of the opening for establishing it), the meat of the film lies with her relationship to a family wanting to adopt her future kid.She's the typical teenager who's level of maturity rises above many adults, but underlying that still rests someone too out of their depth at that age. The themes here are pretty adult for a movie about someone as young as this.The supporting cast of Michael Cera, Allison Janney, JK Simmons, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman add to the very "real" interpretation of emotions running through these characters.It's a little short on time and breezes along at a brisk pace accompanied by some stellar and fun dialogue. The resolution here is a win-win for everyone involved, and Juno deserves to be recognized as one of our best.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: And entertaining movie was good and good music my favorite song was old yeller that was a good song. It's a family movie to enjoy but there is drama in this movie. But I do like this movie

Terry D (ag) wrote: Good older movie. Well worth another viewing.